In Conversation With… Little Butterfly London

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we caught up with Gudrun Wurm, founder of Little Butterfly London, the UK’s first luxury organic-certified skincare range for mothers and babies, to find out what her recommendations are for mums and mums-to-be ahead of the big day.

Baby: Hi Gudrun, so tell us, what should be on every mum and mum-to-be’s ‘wish list’ for Mother’s Day this year?

Gudrun: What woman doesn’t love a gift set or skincare products, so for a new mum or a mum-to-be I would recommend our Pamper gift box (£85). It comes in a luxurious keepsake box and includes a 150ml tube of the Cocoon of Bliss stretch mark butter, a 150ml tube of the Scent of Seas toning body serum, a 100ml tune of the Fresh Meadows cooling leg gel and a plush 100% cotton washcloth.

Little Butterfly London, Pamper Gift Box, £85

For mums who are happy to share their gift with their little one, our Bestseller gift set (£69) also comes in a luxurious keepsake box and includes a 150ml tube of the Cocoon of Bliss stretch mark butter, a 200ml tube of the Dewdrops at Dawn body lotion and a 200ml tube of the Bubbles in the Breeze top to toe wash.

And finally, for one-off items, mums can’t get enough of our Blossoms in Spring illuminating day cream which offers intense hydration and bolsters the skin’s defences and the Secrets at Starlight illuminating night cream, which is a rich and intense overnight cream that helps to strengthen and repair dry, stressed and damaged skin (£42 for 50ml each).

How did you come up with the idea to launch Little Butterfly London?

I developed a passion for skincare from an early age, but the inspiration to launch my own range came with the birth of my son Lucas. I tried to find products which I felt were good enough to use on his sensitive skin, which were organic, yet highly effective and beautifully packaged. I really wanted to create something to support that unique emotional experience which goes with having a newborn and those precious moments that go with it.

Pregnancy and childbirth are totally amazing, but they take their toll on us, so a bit of pampering along the way is just what every mum needs to make the journey that bit more pleasurable! My friends and family were amazingly supportive and were always on-hand with feedback, advice and encouragement.

Gudrun and her son, Lucus

Talk us through the benefits of the ingredients included in your skincare range, in particular for babies.

A baby’s skin is up to five times thinner than an adult’s, making it more permeable and susceptible to damage, which is why it is so important to think about the products that you use on their delicate skin. All the products in our range are made in England specifically for newborn, allergy-prone, eczema-prone and sensitive skin using extra gentle, yet highly effective ingredients that are above all natural and safe so parents can rest assured that their baby’s and their own skin is in expert hands.

When it comes to the ingredients every formula is free from harmful or irritating ingredients and certified organic by Ecocert, which is the most established certification body worldwide.

To give a baby’s skin the respect it deserves, all our products are free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, SLS and silicones as well as no synthetics or strong essential oils when it comes to the fragrance. Instead, the range is made with carefully selected, gentle organic actives at a low level.

Little Butterfly London is a member of Cruelty Free International, a non-profit organisation that peacefully campaigns against animal experiments. None of our products are tested on animals and do not use ingredients that are manufactured by companies that commission animal testing to ensure that all products are cruelty free.

What’s your personal favourite product in the range?

I love the Petals and Blooms brightening anti-oxidant serum (£46 for 30ml) which is our highly concentrated serum which works to counteract uneven, fatigued or dull looking skin, so is perfect for the time of year. Its glow-boosting blend of fruit and marine actives feeds, hydrates and renews the skin from within, leaving the complexion visibly refreshed, more even and glowing – just want sleep deprived mums need!

And what is your ‘hero’ product for babies?

A ‘hero’ product in the range is the Soft as Moonlight nappy changing cream which contains 18 natural ingredients. These include calendula, meadowsweet, oat kernel extract and a series of precious oils and butters, all of which combine to create a comforting and healing balm which helps prevent and soothe nappy rash.

There’s nothing we love more than mum hacks and to combat the issue of chapped and dry hands caused by continued washing and sanitising, the nappy changing cream doubles up as a super-nourishing cream for dry skin patches on hands and can also help reduce eczema flare-ups!

Wrapped In Love calming anti-pollution face cream,
Wrapped In Love calming anti-pollution face cream, £27

The latest product which everyone is talking about is our Wrapped in Love calming anti-pollution face cream for babies (£27 for 50ml). It includes a patented duo-active from the moringa tree which shields and gently lifts micro-particles to help maintain the skin’s purity and softness as well as a natural active from the candeia tree to protect the skin from daily environmental stressors. Nourishing oils of borage, evening primrose and calendula add softening hydration and help to relieve dryness, itchiness and flaking. Comforting and naturally anti-oxidant extracts of horse chestnut and meadowsweet gently sweep away free radicals and help support a baby’s delicate barrier function. This cream is ideal of urban babies and toddlers.

How are you managing the personal aspect of Coronavirus era? How do you protect your mental state?

There are many people who are suffering at this time and I deeply feel for them and we help with donations where we can. However, I try not to watch the news too much as it can be quite negative, so instead I try to focus on the positive this period has brought upon us. London life is so busy, and one can get very caught up and stressed simply by social obligations and the wide range of activities that are available all the time. Now with life being focused on just a few things, which in my case is work, my son and our home and maybe some daily exercise in the park, I feel much more relaxed than before and allowed me to prioritise.

In a year’s time, when hopefully Covid19 is only a memory, what more permanent changes, if any, do you think the experience will have had on the way we lead our lives, on the way we do businesses, on the way we interact with each other, on the way we shop etc?

I can’t talk generally since everyone will have a different view on this depending on how they got affected personally and on a business level. I hope that we will also keep valuing community and the key workers who gave their all during this period. Hopefully we will have stopped taking everything for granted and finally realised what really matters in our lives and focus more on these aspects rather than be on the constant quest for having ‘more’, which rarely leads to true happiness anyway.

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