I’m A Girly: dolls with natural proportions launch in the UK

I'm A Girly dolls

I’m A Girly, the doll with natural body proportions and a variety of skin tones and hair types, is launching in the UK

Move aside, Barbie – there’s a new doll on the UK market and it’s much more admirable for all the right reasons.

Designed by children for children, the I’m A Girly dolls have natural body proportions, varying skin tones, a changeable wardrobe and personalised hair colour and length, resulting in a realistic toy that both little girls and boys can really can aspire to.

Kids can customise their doll’s outfits and hair styles to suit current fashion trends or simply their personal preference. Each year sees new season collections released, with over 150 different accessories to suit all styles, from llama outfits and unicorn pyjamas to camoflague jackets and metallic swimsuits. As for the hair, a high-quality wig system means styles can be changed from one day the next, from a braided brown ‘do to a pink trim.

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I'm A Girly dolls

The products and designs were developed in partnership with a team of girls and boys aged nine to 13, whose creative thinking helped to launch the brand’s debut collection back in 2017.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur, Theresia Le Battistini, the brand is passionate about empowering young children and inspiring them to express creativity and imagination through play.

“When I had my daughter, I realised that there was not much variety in the doll market or an offering that reflects the latest trends with a contemporary twist,” Theresia remarks. “This is when I decided to bring to life my vision of I’m A Girly and bridge the gap between childhood and adolescence, with the aim to empower young girls and inspire children to express their creative and individual ideas and expand their imagination. We’re so excited to have finally launched in the UK and can’t wait to continue to launch with amazing new dolls, clothes and accessories that we have in the pipeline for 2019.”

The dolls are available to buy in-store at Harrods and Hamley’s, and online here. Dolls start at £109, with additional clothes, shoes, accessories and wigs available to buy separately.

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