Here’s Why More Women are Choosing Hypnobirthing

Because birth should be enjoyable!



Hypnobirthing empowers women to have the positive birth they want and deserve.

The 21stof March saw the first ever ‘World Hypnobirthing Day’ takes place, a testament to how much this incredible approach to childbirth is increasing in popularity. More and more women are choosing Hypnobirthing for a more positive approach to childbirth and even doctors and midwives are impressed by how well it works.

The chosen approach of many well-known mothers including Fearne Cotton, Jessica Alba and reportedly the British Royal Family, Hypnobirthing teaches pregnant women to release fear, allowing them to have a calm and positive birth. The technique is based on the simple science that fear causes tension and tension causes pain, so in releasing fear women are able to avoid the presence of tension and thus pain. It might sound too good to be true, but research shows that it works.

What is Hypnobirthing?

The name ‘Hypnobirthing’ might be enough to make some people question its effectiveness, conjuring images of stage hypnosis and swinging watches, and many Hypnobirthing teachers agree that the name perhaps isn’t the best.

Founder of Magnificent Mama, Georgina, explains what a Hypnobirthing course actually entails: “Using self-hypnosis, pregnant women will learn to control their mind and body so that they are able to remain calm, relaxed and positive throughout their birth.

 “By the end of their Hypnobirthing course, they will feel confident in the knowledge that they know everything they need to, leaving them calm and relaxed to enjoy the rest of their pregnancy and to look forward to the arrival of their baby. Using a combination of breathing, visualisation and other relaxation techniques, they are able to release all fear.”

magnificent-mama-pic-babyWhat are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of Hypnobirthing include a reduced need for medical induction, shorter more efficient labour, less need for pain relief, more time at home and less in hospital, shorter birth recovery time, higher levels of birth satisfaction and a calmer environment for the baby to make his or her arrival to. This is a list of benefits that will no doubt sound attractive to any pregnant woman, so how to make this happen?

Magnificent Mama is a Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Wellness company offering one-to-one and small group Hypnobirthing courses throughout Surrey and South West London. It was set up by Georgina after she herself had a positive and enjoyable birth using Hypnobirthing and she is thoroughly enjoying helping other women have the same experience, believing that it is the right of every pregnant woman to have the birth that they want and deserve.

If you’re pregnant and looking to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your birth, then visit the Magnificent Mama website for more information.

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