How not be a pushy parent

With the increase in popularity of talent shows and the number of children entering the lime light, what is a parent to do to ensure their child’s talents are nurtured rather than being pressurised? 

Winner of Got to Dance 2010 star Akai Osei’s mother shares her advice, guidance and experience on encouraging your child star, ahead of Akai’s anticipated performance and appearance at the UK’s biggest dance event MOVE IT in March 2011.

It can be very time consuming when you have a potential child star in the family with auditions, shows, meetings and classes.  And on some occasions parents can sometimes push a little too hard, trying to live their dream through their children, and get blinded by what it is that their child wants.
Jenny Osei, knows and understands the importance and value of nurturing your child stars talents and abilities.  With firsthand experience with her son Akai and his profile as a young talent who is continually in the spotlight, Jenny shares her knowledge and understanding on the value of encouragement and ensuring at every stage that the child is enjoying what they are doing.

Jenny Osei, mother to Got to Dance Winner 2010 Akai shares her tips on how to NOT be a Pushy Parent:
•    Establish whether it is truly something that their child wants
•    Go with your instinct
•    Encourage and support them to the best of your ability
•    Keep balance between family life and child’s celebrity attention
•    Don’t take every offer that comes your way, not all of them are relevant all the time
•    Get a good child agent who understands the balance between education and their career

Jenny will be discussing this subject in more depth at the UK’s biggest dance event MOVE IT in March, with opportunity for questions and answers session.

Akai will be performing on the main stage at MOVE IT from March 11th to 13th at London Olympia. 

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