This is how Much Mummy YouTubers Really Earn

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With millions of mums and dads tuning in for parenting tips daily, it’s no secret YouTube is a lucrative business. Here’s how much some of your favourite mummy YouTubers earn in just one month.

From the aspirational to the most relatable, ever wondered how much your favourite mummy YouTubers earn? With channels wracking up millions of subscribers and YouTube personalities landing lucrative sponsorship deals, it’s definitely a money making business.

In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the ways vloggers and bloggers use their platforms. What once may have started as a part-time hobby, with mums and dads sharing their journey into parenthood as a side project, for many, it’s now turned into a full time job.

The online British marketplace has looked at 10 influential YouTubers, whose channels are mainly focused on motherhood, to see what their monthly income is based on their revenue from advertising. And you may be surprised by just how much they actually earn from the channel.

10 Mummy YouTubers’ Monthly Income


Who are they? WhatsUpMums is the number one parenting channel in the USA, with over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel was started by Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker in 2012.

What’s it all about? WhatsUpMoms create a series of different shows, covering everything from parenting hacks to family recipes and style and beauty tips.

How much do they earn? According to the study carried out by, the WhatsUpMoms channel rakes in a whopping monthly revenue of £89,333.

Earnings: £89,333 a month


Who are they? Keren Swanson and Khoa Nguyen, and their two sons 3-yea-old Jackson,  and Landon aged 2.

What’s it all about? The couple started the channel after the arrival of their first son Jackson in 2016. They share daily vlogs about family life in Orlando, Florida.

Earnings: £14,527 a month

Raven Elyse

Who is she? Raven Elyse started on YouTube by posting makeup tutorials, however after welcoming her daughter Ziya in 2016, she began sharing more content about motherhood and parenting.

What’s it all about? Raven posts videos every Tuesday and Thursday. As well as fashion and beauty vlogs, the YouTuber also shares her journey as a single mum.

Earnings: £14,185 a month


Who are they? Teen mum Camryn Turner, her now husband Landon Clifford and their one-year-old daughter Collette.

What’s it all about? A teen mum vlog, Cam&Fam share videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday about their daily lives as young parents.

Earnings: £13,060 a month


Who are they? A hair tutorial channel led by Mindy McKnight, featuring her six children. The channel also help launch the youtube careers of her two daughter Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight.

What’s it all about? The channel started as a platform to share hair tutorials after Mindy began experimenting with different looks when she grew tired of using the same styles on her children. Now the McKnights also share details of their journey into adoption.

Earnings: £12,758 a month


Who are they? Jessica Skube and her husband Gabe, along with their 7 kids.

What’s it all about? Jess and Gabe share an insight into their crazy family life, with 7 children between them. (Jess has four from previous relationships, Gabe has two and together they share a daughter)

Earnings: £11,983 a month


Who are they? Husband and wife Anna Saccone and Jonathon Joly. Anna began sharing beauty videos on YouTube in 2008, while Jonathon started his own channel in 2009. They have four children together.

What’s it all about? The family share regular videos

Earnings: £7,656 a month



Earnings: £6,647 a month

Emily Norris

Earnings: £6,267 a month

Simply Allie

Earnings: £2,182 a month


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