How long does the average toddler take to fall asleep?

Sleeping toddler
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How long does it take your toddler to drop off? A new survey has revealed the answer, and it’s probably a lot longer than you thought…

A survey carried out by Better Bathrooms asked 2,000 parents how long they spend on the bedtime routine of any children under three, revealing that it takes on average a staggering 90 minutes to get little ones off to the land of nod.

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So, how does that hour and a half break down? Around 22 minutes is spent reading a bedtime story, while the other most time-consuming part is bath time, taking up 30% of the time. It’s all about team work, though; 45% of parents say it takes both of them to get their child off to sleep, and over half – 55% – even miss out on their own dinner because they’re too busy trying to get their child off to sleep. If your child is a problem sleeper, it doesn’t make for the most fun parenting task of the day, but 15% of fathers even admitted that they’d rather get on with some work than help with the dreaded sleep routine. Don’t you wish they just slept like a baby again…!

A toddler can massively benefit from a solid bedtime routine; when you follow a set pattern every night, he’ll know what to expect. Here’s what to include in the wind–down to bed:

1. Bath time

Run a nice, warm bath and get nice and clean. Once out of the tub, make sure you brush his teeth – try and get into a solid dental hygiene routine as early as possible.

2. Get into pyjamas

Change into a fresh nappy, or use the toilet if he’s potty-trained. Get changed into a favourite pair of pyjamas – a sure sign for your toddler than sleep is on the horizon.

3. Play a quiet game

Spend some fun time with your child before bed playing a quiet game or simply having a chat – although avoid anything too stimulating.

4. Story time

Climb into bed for a bedtime story, a sing-song and a big kiss goodnight.

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