easyHotel launches lullaby service to help baby sleep away from home

Worried about baby not sleeping when you’re on holiday? easyHotels has launched a unique service to help your baby sleep away from home

Getting baby to sleep soundly in your own home can be a challenge at the best of times, so when you’ve got to spend a night in a hotel room, with a different bed and unfamiliar sounds, it can make the situation even more stressful than usual.

Anxious parents, fret no more – the new service from easyHotel is here to help. ‘Nodcasts’ is the new modern lullaby service for hotel guests who need a little extra help drifting off at night time. The playlist includes a variety of unconventional yet soothing sounds that babies love – from the washing machine to hoovering – to replicate the familiar background noises of home. Amongst all the white goods, there’s a few more typical relaxing sounds, such as rainfall and lapping waves.

The white noise playlist features the following:

  1. Washing machine in the distance
  2. Dishwasher in the distance
  3. Light hoovering downstairs
  4. Free-moving traffic (no horns)
  5. Cat purring
  6. Clothes drier
  7. Electric wall clock
  8. Distant calm conversation
  9. Radiator pipes
  10. The sound of a shower
  11. Dog quietly barking
  12. Gardening programme

Upon check-in, links to the Spotify playlist will be provided, with locations in Glasgow, Newcastle and Croydon the first to try out the new service before it’s rolled out nationwide. Guests in these hotels must be in need of a better night’s sleep; according to data, they check out much later in the day than in other parts of the country. And if you yourself have trouble drifting off at night, it works just as well on adults as it does on little ones…!

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