Having children makes us more creative!

According to a recent studies by Munch Bunch having children makes us more creative… but parents worry about being entertaining.

s the Easter holidays approach, new research reveals 50% of parents in the UK feel that creativity for both themselves and children has improved as a result of having a young family. Yet more than 8 out of 10 of parents in the UK admit to struggling to entertain their children. Over 70% either run out of ideas, say they are too tired or too stressed. Almost a quarter (23%) admit they can find it boring being creative with their children.

However the ‘Munch Time Creative Awakening Survey’ – commissioned by yogurt brand Munch Bunch® – has uncovered a creative outlet that benefits both parent and child. According to the survey, more than a quarter of parents harbour ambitions to write a children’s story and the annual Munch Time Story Writing Competition, live from 22nd February, is a window to put pen to paper and maybe even kick start a new career!

Inspired by the successes of writers such as J.K Rowling and Julia Donaldson, the survey found that the number one creative career choice aimed at children, among parents, is being a children’s author:
1. Children’s author (31% of Mums, 25% Dads)
2. Children’s fashion designer (26% of Mums, 18% of Dads)
3. Children’s entertainer (16% of Mums, 23% of Dads)
4. Children’s artist (18% of Mums and Dads)
5. Children’s TV/film scriptwriter (16% of Mums and Dads)

Actress and mum-of-two Tamzin Outhwaite is supporting the Munch Time campaign and encouraging anyone with a tale to tell to put pen to paper and create their own children’s story, inspired by Munch the cow. She said:
“Making up stories for your children is a lovely bonding activity for parents and children alike. My eldest daughter Florence likes nothing better than starring in her own special story and we often share stories as a family in our household – we especially like singing them too!”

In its fifth year the annual Munch Time children’s story writing competition is supported by the National Literacy Association. Comments the charity’s Chair and Munch Time judge Ray Barker:
"We want parents to help foster a love of stories with their children as early as possible. It’s been proved time and time again that children who are introduced to the joy of sharing books and stories at an early age will be at an advantage when they start school. Making reading fun is so important too and the great thing with Munch Time is that parents can either enter the competition or simply use it to gather great stories to read with and entertain their young children."

The Munch Time survey also found that Dad finds it hardest to dedicate quality time to creative play. Half of parents polled said Mums are the most hands-on, followed by grandparents (19%), then Dad (12%).

According to Andrew Watson, parenting expert, author of ‘Teach Yourself: Be A Great Dad’ and father of two, creativity is one of the most valuable skills parents can impart to their children and dads can play a key role. He explains: "Anyone can work hard; what sets apart the truly successful is their level of creativity."

Andrew, who is on the Munch Time story writing judging panel, added:
"Sitting down with your child and creating a unique story just for them offers enormous benefits to both parent and child. It’s a great way to explore children’s feelings, expectations and concerns. Stories offer nothing less than a rehearsal for life."