Have a Tea Party for Charity!

Dreams Come True is having a national tea party day to create special moments for terminally ill children.

ver thought that emailing the colleague sitting next to you was pointless, or do you only know what friends and family are up to through their Facebook updates? What ever happened to a good old fashioned chin-wag?

Well, the Dreams Come True charity have wondered this and proposed a ‘Dream Tea Day’. Sitting down with a warming cup of tea and talking face to face, like we used to, before face timing became the optimum mode of communication.

Dreams Come True is a national children’s charity serving the whole of the UK. During the last 24 years, they have brought happiness joy to more than five thousand children as well as their family and carers.

To celebrate their Jubilee Year, the charity wants ‘The Nation to Stop for Tea’ on the 21 June and simply reconnect with one another. They hope to create thousands of those special moments in support of children and young people who are terminally and seriously ill.

These fun tea events can be as big or as small as the host desires – from a ten minute cuppa with colleagues, to an indulgent vintage-inspired tea party. Hosts’ packs will be available, including delicious teatime treat recipes from charity helpers, Miranda Gore Browne, and tea party hosting and fun etiquette tips from Liz Brewer.

Peter Newman, Chief Executive, Dreams Come True, says, “Having a nice cup of tea is one of those things that really defines us as a nation. People from all corners of the country and all walks of life enjoy this great British institution on a daily basis. All I need is piece of cake, and some company to turn that cup of tea into a really special moment”.

Dream Tea will be held annually to fall in the week of Midsummer’s Day – a day traditionally associated with the magic of dreams, whether in our subconscious or not, but with the outcome being the pleasure of dreaming the ‘Impossible Dream’.

The charity witness every day the huge impact their work has not just on the children but on their Mums and Dads, sisters and brothers, family and friends. We call it the power of dreams. So why not sign up today, reconnect with those people in your life and help seriously ill young people fulfil their dreams.