Over half of pregnant women feel anxious about exercise

Many women confess to feeling fearful about what they could do to keep fit when expecting

A new study has revealed 56% of pregnant women feel fearful about how to remain fit during gestation. Dr Joanna Helcké, pregnancy and post-natal fitness expert, commissioned the study, with an aim to educate expectant mothers about the different ways they can keep up their exercise regime.

Joanna, the founder of postal subscription service FitBumpBox, has recently launched The Little Book of Making Your Exercise Safe for Pregnancy. The mini guide offers clear and practical advice on adapting and modifying the most popular forms of exercise for pregnancy; from skiing to spinning, zumba and yoga. It also gives clear advice on what forms of exercise are safe for pregnancy, and which are best avoided.

Advice regarding exercise during pregnancy can often be conflicting. Over 50% of those questioned chose not to work out at all during the first trimester, worrying it would be stressful or harmful to the baby. Nevertheless, it’s been proven that being active during this time can reduce the risk of diabetes, minimise weight gain and even cut the chance of complications during labour.

Commenting on the survey results, Joanna said; “I am incredibly aware of the need for mothers to feel more confident when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. There is a good deal of confusion surrounding pregnancy fitness advice and many mums-to-be are left wondering what to believe and as a result some prefer to do no exercise. My aim is to give women the knowledge and support they need so that they may exercise during pregnancy without feeling anxious. Exercising the right way can be positively beneficial just so long as you know how to make it safe.”

You can purchase Dr Helcké’s guide for £7 at fitbumpbox.com. The NHS website also offer great advice about keeping fit.