Delicious Grapefruit & Peach Salad for your Second Trimester


Healthy eating and eating well is something we should all be thinking about, preganant or not. There are no quick fixes for overall good health, but within a few months of eating well-balanced meals, you will start to notice some fabulous benefits.

Your skin and hair will feel better, your energy levels will be up and your digestive health improved. Pregnancy takes its toll on our bodies, so it’s essential that we keep the machine well oiled and firing on all cylinders. With that in mind, these recipes are designed to take you through all the stages of your journey.

I know that pregnancy will feel tough and at times all you will feel like doing is crawling back to bed with the biscuit tin, but I promise these dishes are so delicious you honestly won’t feel like you’re missing out. All pregnant women will need to combat certain ailments at different stages, and I am a huge believer that food is nature’s medicine and, when used and consumed in the right way, will make us feel so much better.

This quick dish is a favourite of mine. Peaches are an excellent source of fibre, as are pistachios. Fibre is very important while pregnant, especially as your digestive system starts to slow down in the later weeks. I often have this salad with a spoonful of ricotta cheese to add some protein.

About this recipe



1 tbsp agave nectar
1/2 tsp orange blossom water
1 large pink grapefruit
2 large ripe white peaches (you could also use tinned peaches)
10 fresh mint leaves
50g pistachio nuts, chopped

• Pour the agave nectar and orange blossom water into a small bowl and mix well.

• Top and tail the grapefruit and cut away the skin and pith. Cut into slices or segments. Cut the peaches into eighths, discarding their stones, and mix with the grapefruit in a bowl.

• Divide the fruit between two plates and pour over the agave mixture. Tear over the mint and sprinkle over the chopped pistachios.