Parents claim this new Glow Dreaming Lamp is a miracle cure for sending crying babies to sleep

Glow Dreaming sleep lamp
Credit: Glow Dreaming

A certain pink night light from Down Under called the Glow Dreaming Lamp claims to make your child – even those problem sleepers – drop off in a matter of minutes…

There’s nothing more precious to a new parent (or any parent, for that matter) than getting their child into a healthy sleep routine.

And if you’ve got a problem sleeper, or it’s taking longer than you’d like for your little one to drop off, there’s so many tips and tricks out there to make the whole process easier.

However, there’s one technique from the other side of the world that’s proving such a hit with tired parents that word of it has quickly made its way to our shores.

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“They are now back and snoozing in their cots like the little angels they are. 💞 Update for everyone on the @glowdreaming: The last 2 nights (that they’ve been home) they’ve been back to sleeping through 🙌🏼 Turns out, our gals are amongst the small percentage of babes that get stimulated by the red light BUT after I contacted them, they gave me a new system to follow and they slept through from that night onwards”Thanks for sharing your story @crystallouu and this gorgeous pic of your twins. This experience goes to show how important it is can be to contact our customer care team if you aren’t having the positive results you hoped for – every child is different and sometimes we need to work together to try a few things 😊. . . . . . #glowdreaming #glow #sleeptherapy #sleep #sleepiaid #kidssleep #essentialoils #organic #dreams #dreaming #family #pinknoise #parenting #instakids #toddlers #children #babies #blog #redledlight #testimonials #mumlife #mumblog #mumsofinstagram #instamum #bringmesleep #motherhood #lighttherapy #aromatherapy #twins #babies

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Australian company Glow Dreaming is the creator of a very special lamp that, with a unique combination of NASA-grade light therapy technology, aromatherapy and a humidifier, has seen little ones nod off in a matter of minutes, with an impressive 98% success rate.

It also emits what is known as ‘pink noise’; like white noise, it emits a consistent sound to help the mind settle, but when the frequency increases the power per hertz decreases, just like calming sounds such as waterfalls, rain and thunder.

Pink noise slows down brain waves and helps to regulate them for a long, steady night’s sleep.

It’s currently retailing online for $130 AUD (which is just over £72 at the time of writing), and includes a starter pack with access to the company’s sleep specialists, as well as essential oil and a removable illustrated sleeve that wraps around the light.

Both the sound therapy and LED light therapy have three intensity settings, and it has a timer so it’s not left running all night long. The technology is patent pending, so it’s the only product of its kind available.

Just remember that the power supply comes via an Austrlian plug, so you’ll need an adaptor if you want to use it in the UK.

“You know you’re a Mum when sleeping in until 8am feels as magical as riding out of your bedroom on a Unicorn 🦄💤 Sleeping Aids. We are big fans in our household. Actually, just big fans of sleep. Well maybe just me. Charlotte is a rager. Happy to go all day, 6am to 10pm without naps 🙄 For the last week, we’ve been trialling the @glowdreaming humidifier with slow wave sleep sound therapy AND Red & Green LED light (I wanted to give it a good try for a week before I raved about it. I am a 110% sceptic on anything sleep-related) I know there’s been a few of you interested on the verdict after seeing the nightly routine on our stories.. so here it is. Charlotte has been asleep by 7:30pm every night and is now sleeping in her OWN bed, again. Over the past 8 or 9 nights, she has woken up twice around 4am and crawled into bed with me. Let’s just say I’m enjoying the extra room and the undisturbed sleep. No more spontaneous kicks or punches In the middle of the night. I knew I had to do something before these Twins arrive and this seems to be the magic trick (At least one of us will be getting sleep by then 👶🏻👶🏻🍼🍼🤪)”Thanks for sharing your story @rebeccalittle_ We hope your twins sleep through the night when they arrive! ♥️. . . . . . . #glowdreaming #glow #sleeptherapy #sleep #sleepiaid #kidssleep #essentialoils #organic #dreams #dreaming #family #pinknoise #parenting #instakids #toddlers #children #babies #blog #redledlight #testimonials #mumlife #mumblog #mumsofinstagram #instamum #bringmesleep #motherhood #sounftherapy #lighttherapy #aromatherapy

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Backing up all that tech is a barrage of five-star reviews – just take a look at Glow Dreaming’s website and social media platforms and you’ll see how much of a difference it’s made to the lives of so many parents. So, if you’ve exhausted all the other options, why not give it a go…?

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