Giovanna Fletcher on why she’s bringing up her kids gender neutral

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher has just given birth to her third child – but while the author was heavily pregnant, she still had time to sit down and talk to Baby magazine about her Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast, interviewing her dream guest Pink, and why she’s bringing up her kids gender neutral.

Speaking exclusively to Baby magazine, Giovanna revealed how her new Podcast project was born: “I wrote a book (Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My adventures into motherhood) and in that book, I gave a really honest account of how I found motherhood.

“I didn’t want to write an advice book as I felt I was blagging my way through parenting so I thought the best thing I could do was write an honest account of how I’ve found motherhood.

I know there’s a lot of excitement around EVE OF MAN at the moment, but I can’t go forgetting HAPPY MUM, HAPPY BABY – my NUMBER 1 BESTSELLER which is published in paperback next week. I’m constantly blown away by the daily messages I get about this book. So many of us parents feel like we’re alone in our struggles, failings and juggling. We feel like everyone else is getting it completely right while we’re having to bury our heads in the kitchen cupboards and have a little cry where the kids won’t see. Yes, we feel judged in motherhood. But sometimes our biggest critic is ourselves and we just need to learn to be a little kinder. We are all getting it wrong. We are all just winging it. We are all doing our best. I’m so proud of everything the book has achieved along with the podcast (which will be back very soon), and am so happy it’s going to be available in this nice transportable format. I mean, hardbacks are great and fancy but they really do your wrist in if you’re trying to feed the little one and read at the same time! This’ll save you from growing ‘the claw’. Not only is it a gorgeous new colour, but it also contains a brand new chapter. Enjoy! Xxx (link in bio on IG)

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“When the book came out, the reaction was amazing because it opened up this conversation where one person would say: ‘oh, I feel like that,’ and someone else would say ‘omg, I feel like that too’ and it’s then that they realise they’re not alone.

“And I just didn’t want that honest conversation to end. So I just thought let’s do a podcast and get people on so they could share their experiences of parenthood.

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“At the end of writing my book, I knew I wanted to do more. This was my voice but I wanted other people to be able to share. We’re all mums and we’re all dads and we’ve got our own unique parenting experiences to share, so I just wanted to keep the conversation going.

“I didn’t know who would agree to it at first because I know I’m very open and I’ve always shared my experiences – but I know some people are particularly private.

“I started my sending a few texts out to friends asking if they’d do it and within the hour, everyone had signed up.”

Giovanna’s successful podcast has already attracted some high-profile guests, including Davina McCall, Amanda Holden, Kimberley Walsh and Alex Jones, but there is one special guest she would love to sit down with – Pink.

Giovanna revealed: “Everyone knows I’d be interested in interviewing Kate Middleton but if I’m going global with my podcast, I’d like to speak to Pink – I think she’s amazing!

“I’d also love to interview Serena Williams – you know you look at her and think ‘you’re an Olympian’ but at the end of the day, she is a mum just like the rest of us.”

The star’s podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby has already been downloaded over one million times.

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As Giovanna continues to record season two of her popular podcast, and embarks on becoming a mother-of-three-boys, she told us why she’s bringing up her kids gender neutral and breaking those gender stereotypes that are “forced on us”.

She said: “The nursery is gender neutral in the sense pink is not for girls and blue is not for boys. That notion has been put on us.

“My boys love colour; they love pink, they love blue, they love purple, they love red. And in the same way, I wear a lot of blue.

“I just think it’s really weird how something so childish is being discussed by so many adults.”

She continued: “I’ve got boys but in terms of toys at home, we’ve got prams, we’ve got dolls, and the boys right now are playing with Little Mermaid.

“I would never be like ‘oh my god, you can’t play with a doll, you’re a boy.’ In the same way, are we going to stop girls from playing with Spider Man and block off all the ‘boys toys’? It’s ridiculous!

“They’re children who are playing and learning. I’m all for creativity and using their imagination and just being kids!”

It comes after author Giovanna and Tom Fletcher welcomed their third child, max Mario Fletcher, on 24 August 2018.

Giovanna and her husband are also parents to Buzz, 4, and Buddy Bob, 2.

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