How To Make Your Gender Reveal Party Unique


Congratulations! Now that you’ve announced your pregnancy, it might be time to reveal your baby’s gender.

Boy or girl? Time to surprise you, your partner and your loved ones by holding a gender-reveal party.

Gender-reveal parties have become quite the recent phenomenon when sharing the sex of your baby to your closest friends and family. Some choose to find out the gender of their baby beforehand and surprise their guests, whilst others choose to find out at the same time as their guests.

We spoke to Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, who runs bespoke event and wedding planning business La Fete, to get some top tips on hosting a gender reveal party.

How to Host the Ultimate Gender Reveal Party

Choosing Your Theme

gender-baby-reveal-themeBows or Bowties

Nobody knows! This theme is potentially a wild one- make your guests wear their choice as to what they think the baby will be. Alternatively, you could call it ‘Staches or Lashes for those who want a traditional gender-reveal party with a small twist- a perfect mix of feminine and masculine.

What Will It Bee?

With summer right around the corner- no better way to keep your theme relevant than a ‘What will it BEE?’ gender reveal party. This theme is a great play on words and completely versatile as it can be used for baby showers and for when the baby is brought home.

To be consistent with the whole theme, it is important that you set theme clearly. The theme on the invitations settle the score for the whole party. Stick to white, black and yellow- and maybe add a touch of gold for a modern glam vibe.

Little Prince or Little Princess

“Once upon a time, there was a little baby called…”. Choosing this theme, you will be able to make a royal announcement to your guests- revealing whether you will be having a ‘Little Prince or Little Princess’. To capture the entire theme, create a fairy-tale moment by using royal colours.

What to Eat? Food to have at gender-reveal party

gender-reveal-cakeFood is always expected at a party, it doesn’t have to fit the theme but is a great way to build up the anticipation and excitement at any gender-reveal.


Just like any old party having cake is a necessity. Alongside your chosen theme, this is a great way to reveal the grand surprise. The cake will appear to be completely normal on the outside, but when cut all will be revealed by the icing or colour.

Alternatively, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops are popular choice for gender-reveals.

Candy floss

Now this isn’t as easily made at home but is guaranteed to be found in your local sweetshop. Perfect for a gender-reveal – candy floss usually comes in pink or blue, a fun way to build the anticipation before all is revealed.

As important it is to having food at the party, it is important to have a drink. Whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Time for Decorations: how to decorate a gender-reveal party


Decorations can play a big part in building up the anticipation as well as making the big announcement. Small details in your party can go a long way, so be prepared to do a little DIY here and there.


Balloons are a simple yet effective way of unveiling the big surprise. To give it an extra touch of something special fill them with pink and blue confetti. Confetti looks great in pictures for a more momentary feel.


A piñata is another great way to entertain guests of all ages- fill it with pink or blue coloured sweets to reveal the grand surprise.

Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes are great as decoration or as a gift. With the variety of sizes out there, you are able to create a number amount of designs ranging from a bouquet of flowers to strollers, dummies and teething rings.

Click here: How to Make a Stroller Diaper Cake with Pampers

Confetti Lanterns

Whether you decide to have an indoor or outdoor party, confetti lanterns are a simple yet effective touch to any event. Filling the lantern with pink or blue confetti is a fun and creative way to make the announcement.

Game Time

gender-reveal-party-gamesHaving lots of friends and family to share your special moment with, it is likely that some of them may not be familiarised with each other- and no better way to break the ice is by having game time.

Dummy Bobbing

Dummy bobbing, similar to the traditional game of apple bobbing is a great way to enjoy the party- baby edition.

Fill a large tub with dummies, and let the guests compete with each other at bobbing for dummies with their hands behind their back.

Nappy Relay Race

To kick-start the party and get everyone going, a nappy relay race is a fun way to get everyone mingling.

Teams should begin with a baby doll wrapped in a blanket and nappy, each participant should remove them both and re-wrap it. Once each member of the team has done this at least once- they shall win the game.

Baby Food Taste Test

This game will put you and your guests tastebuds to the test, seeing who really knows their fruity porridge to their banana crumble.

The aim of the game is to remove different types of baby food out of their jar and label them A, B, C, D, etc- blindfolding the guests and allowing them to guess each flavour. The participant who guesses the most by the end of the game wins.

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