Hilarious Pictures of Toddlers During Lockdown

If we didn't laugh, we'd cry


These funny pictures of toddlers during lockdown are sure to bring a smile to your face – and prove you’re definitely not alone when it comes to little ones wreaking havoc at home.

You know how the saying goes, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. That’s certainly never rung more true than at this testing time. Toddlers during lockdown are causing all kinds of havoc for parents working from home or stuck indoors. But all that mess and chaos can definitely make for some great photo opportunities – and a sense of solidarity amongst frazzled parents.

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, has undergone a nationwide search for the messiest little monsters and their trail of adorable destruction, while asking parents and experts to share tips on keeping kids entertained.

Parents across the nation were asked to send in photographic evidence of their children wreaking havoc on their homes. Check out the best entries of messy toddlers during lockdown below.

10 Funny Pictures of Toddlers During Lockdown

1. Emelia from West Sussex was crowned the messiest toddler during lockdown


Lois Herbert, Emilia’s mother, said: “Oh my goodness this is amazing! We can laugh about the incident now but at the time I wasn’t too pleased. I was upstairs bathing her baby sister at the time.

After being crowned the winner of the competition, Emilia has won a new, durable sofa worth £699, which will hopefully remain free from nappy cream stains.

2. More nappy cream nightmares


This little boy was a tad too quiet, only for his mum to become suspicious, but it was too late as the tub of nappy cream was already covering the room. Not to self: keep nappy cream away from toddlers during lockdown!

3. Carpet chaos

toddlers-during-lockdown-Number 3 - carpet chaosThis poor parent of two-year-old Raymond took a quick trip to the toilet, only to come back and discover their gorgeous carpet was no more – although the big grin suggests that someone is not sorry.

4. *Adds glass painting to list of new skills*


The mum of five-year-old Jack got rather a big shock when she discovered the masses of paint spilt outside and smeared across the glass door.

5. Time for a mini-Bake Off

Number 5 - it's only flourAs well as creating mess with creams and paints, there is much to be made when small hands find their way into the food cupboards like four-year-old Blaine, and two-year-old Millie, who managed to create a floor of flour.

6. Mum, what are these?

Number 6-toddlers-in-lockdown-making-a-messIris, age three, was happily sat on the loo singing Row Your Boat whilst casually sticking panty liners to the walls. It looks like she’s so proud of her work too.

7. A cereal offender


One-year-old Evelyn from Liverpool was feeling a bit peckish, so helped herself to cereal.

8. A lockdown artiste

Number 8 - mum i'm an artiste!When four-year-old Esha told her parents about their plans for an afternoon of drawing, they hadn’t realised it meant on the window. It’s true what the say about art being subjective…

9. A makeup artist in the making


This adorable terror found Mummy’s makeup and ended up crawling it all around the house. We’re predicting there’ll be quite a few new MUAs on the scene if these toddlers in lockdown are anything to go by.

10. A modern day Picasso

toddlers-during-lockdown-Modern day picassoIt seems three-year-old Jacob thought using his whole body was a much better idea than a paintbrush. It’s abstract, darling!

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