Get a free copy of your ultrasound scan when you visit Jessops

Pregnant woman with ultrasound scan
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Jessops is now offering parents the chance to get an extra free copy of their ultrasound scan throughout October 2018

Seeing a glimpse of your baby in the womb for the very first time is a truly magical moment, and it’s all the more special if your hospital is able to print off a picture for you.

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Depending on whether and how much your hospital charges for photographs, it’s likely you’ll only be able to get one or two copies at most.

But to celebrate Jessops Photography Month, the leading photography retailer is now offering expectant parents the chance to get an extra copy of their baby scan, completely free of charge.

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Available nationwide throughout October 2018, simply bring your ultrasound scan into any Jessops store and their team will print off a special copy for you.

“Baby scans are such precious images and something to be cherished for a lifetime,” says Michelle D’vaz-Plant, Marketing Director at Jessops. “So, to give expectant parents the opportunity to have a quality version they can keep forever, we thought Jessops Photography Month was the perfect time to celebrate scans and copy them, for free.”

“Often the amount of scan prints are limited, but by copying these in store we can help parents share these with family and friends, as well as plenty of copies for memory scrapbooks.”

“Who knows, one day we may be helping those same parents print photos of their children on their first day of school!’’

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