Packing tips: travelling while pregnant or with baby

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Travel consultant Claire Eastwood shares her survival guide for travelling while pregnant or with your baby

Travelling while pregnant: what should you pack?

  • Bag – choose a light cross-body bag
  • Heartburn tablets or sachets
  • Healthy snacks
  • Compression socks and leggings
  • Flat shoes
  • Lip balm
  • Lavender oil – rub this on the sides of your temples and wrists to relax and soothe tension (suitable only for the second and third trimester)
  • Comfortable leggings
  • Shawl or blanket

Top tips for travelling while pregnant

  • Don’t forget to take your maternity or hospital notes
  • Check your travel insurance is still valid in pregnancy
  • If you’re over 28 weeks, you’ll need a letter from your doctor
  • Check-in as much as possible, travel with a light four-wheeled case and be sure to ask for help if you need it

Travelling with baby: what should you pack?

  • Bag – opt for a large tote bag, use freezer bags to keep everything separated, dry and easy to access
  • Travel changing mat
  • SkyBaby mattress
  • Hand sanitiser gel
  • Overnight nappies – these will last longer than the standard variety
  • Wipes
  • Travel-size nappy cream
  • Calpol sachets
  • Dummy and dummy clip
  • Supersize muslin – I like Marloe London or Molly & Moo, whose muslins double up as a blanket and cover-up
  • Bottle for milk during take-off and landing – If using formula, take pre-mixes rather than powders. If breastfeeding, feed during take-off and landing to help little ears equalise
  • Couple of silent toys
  • Car seat – this keeps baby secure and also supports their head when sleeping

Top tips for flying with baby

  • Remember baby food, milk and sterilised water is exempt from the 100ml rule
  • Be sure to book the bassinet if on a longer flight
  • In many destinations, specifically cities, or depending on the hotel, you can rent or borrow baby gear – everything from buggies to travel cots and high chairs
  • Check if your car seat is suitable for flying – it will have an FAA-approved sticker. This means the car seat can be used on aeroplanes as well as in cars, because it has passed the inversion test

Travelling with a toddler: what should you pack?

  • Bag – go hands-free and choose a backpack
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Snacks (for both of you)
  • Water bottle with a really good seal
  • Favourite cuddly toy
  • Travel buggy
  • Sticker book
  • Toddler headphones
  • Set of pyjamas – accidents of all sorts can happen!
  • iPad – load it with new cartoons and games

Top tips for travelling with a toddler

  • It’s worth trying to book flights that will fit into napping or sleep schedules
  • Remember, even if your flying partner is not playing ball, the flight will eventually end and it is very unlikely that you’ll ever see any of your fellow passengers ever again. Good luck!

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