Five stress busting tips for new parents

One of the UK’s leading energy healers Jerry Sargeant provides his top tips for staying de-stressed while balancing everyday life with a newborn

  1. Don’t look for problems. When he or she cries, take a deep breath, smile, pick them up and give them a relaxed cuddle. If you are calm it will help calm them also. They can feel your vibration so whether they are hungry, have a dirty nappy or simply want a cuddle, open your heart and stay relaxed.
  2. You must be comfortable leaving your child with your partner. That way you can really switch off and re-energise. Whether it’s a sleep, walk, a yoga class or the gym, allow your partner to take care and be themselves so they too can grow into the role of a parent. This will enhance your family bond and the child will not depend on you as they grow or feel claustrophobic and smothered.
  3. Spend 15 minutes every day meditating. Breathe deeply, bring your awareness into your body, feel every cell and watch the breath travel in and out of your body. Observe the thoughts in your mind and let them pass. This will re-charge you giving you more energy, relax you and increase clarity; all vital with a newborn in the house.
  4. Go and meet other mums or dads. Go to parent and child groups. Sit and chat to others and share ideas. Quite often it can feel lonely parenting and to socialise with others in the same situation boosts your confidence and this allows the stress to fall off your shoulders.
  5. Love being a parent. Love changing nappies, feeding, clothing, cuddling, waking up at 3am, 4am and 5am. Embrace every moment and be like a child yourself. Have fun, be whacky, play, dance and enjoy these special moments because soon he or she will be into double figures and you’ll wish some of those nappy changing, feeding, clothing 3am moments were back.