Five Reasons we love The Bump Class

Our Baby London columnists Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle run the hugely successful Bump Class in South Kensington. Here’s why you should love it as much as we do…

1. Sister Act

The Bump Class is the brainchild of Marina and Chiara who, besides being the ideal balance of medical and practical expertise, are also sisters. Dr Chiara Hunt is a private GP in Sloane Square Surgery with years of experience in the labour wards of St. Mary’s, Paddington and Chelsea and Westminster. She has two kiddies of her own and is responsible for many young families in the capital. Marina Fogle is your go-to guru for the best practical parenting advice. The mum of two is the author of Bump Mail- a week-by-week indispensable guide to that crucial first year of motherhood.

2. Your Support Network

The Bump Class aims to be just that- a place where you can feel safe to ask questions and to share your experiences with other parents-to-be whilst feeling supported by an amazing team of experts.

3. Fun!

The Bump Class prides itself on being more than just educational and instructive but a fun and enjoyable space. More than just preparing for your baby, now is the time to get excited about your new arrival.

4. Expert Advice

There are a whole host of experts at The Bump Class on hand for any question you might have. Geraldine Miskin is the resident breastfeeding expert, whose unique and personal approach ensures that new mothers feel supported and understood. Liz Noonan is a midwife at St Mary’s hospital whose special areas of expertise include preparing parents for home birth and postnatal care. Camilla Lawrence is the leading Women’s Health Physiotherapist who is based at SIX Physio and who specialises in helping pregnant and post-natal women. At The Bump Class you are in good hands.

5. Don’t Forget Dads!

For expectant papas need advice too! That’s why The Bump Class runs a Father’s Evening: a great chance for dads-to-be to get together and allay any fears they may have and learn what they can do to help during pregnancy and birth.

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