What to expect in your first trimester

Your pregnancy journey has just begun – here’s what is going on with you

What’s happening with you during the first trimester?

This trimester is when most of your baby’s development is happening so do be aware of what you’re eating and drinking. For a lot of women, the first trimester is the worst: you tend to feel awful and you’re reluctant to tell anyone. Most people start to feel tired and sick from weeks six to nine. This is made worse by the fact a lot people want to keep their pregnancy a secret until they reach 12 weeks, so there’s no sympathy either.

Most women only find out they are pregnant after the first month, when they are into their fifth or sixth week and have missed a period. However, some women find that the moment they conceive something changes, and they may well suspect they are pregnant.

Between week one and week four you may have tender breasts that are probably already growing. You’ll find you are surprisingly more tired than usual, are suffering mood swings, needing to pee a lot, feeling nauseous – with or without vomiting – and your appetite is changing (this can be hunger, an aversion to certain foods or cravings).

DID YOU KNOW? You only need to consume about 100 extra calories per
day during the
first trimester

In weeks five to eight, some additional nausea, flatulence, constipation, headaches and increased vaginal discharge may come your way, and morning sickness usually hits hardest between weeks four and 12 – the time when the crucial development is happening in the fetus. No one really knows why morning sickness occurs.

As you approach week 12 you will likely have your first antenatal appointment (or booking appointment). This will probably be the longest appointment in your pregnancy.

Having a proper bump is still a way off, although you will notice your waist starting to thicken and there might well be some clothes that no longer feel comfortable. By 12 weeks, your nausea and vomiting may be slowing down but could be replaced by headaches and dizziness. At around 12 weeks you’ll have your first routine scan.

This guide is provided to you by sisters Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt, founders of The Bump Class.


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