The First-ever Hypnobirthing Book for Dads has Launched

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The first-ever hypnobirthing book for dads has launched today (Thursday 9 June 2022). Created by modern parenting site DaddiLife, it’s set to help dads navigate the world of hypnobirthing and find a more proactive role in labour.

The new guide, A Positive Birth: The dad’s guide to hypnobirthing is designed to help dads become actively involved in labour so that they can understand, support and advocate for their partners.

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Known for challenging the stereotype of dads, and representing modern dads today, DaddiLife has created this guide to help to change the narrative on dads’ role in labour.

DaddiLife was created as a place where dads can learn, grow and celebrate the life that is dad by providing a series of articles, media and supportive community built specifically for the modern-day dad.

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The book takes dads on a complete education of hypnobirthing to help them to understand the natural biology of labour, offering advice to build control and confidence in labour from leading hypnobirthing experts Natalie Reed from Birthing Matters, and Jess and Ben Lagrone from Balanced Families, mixed in with real-life hypnobirthing experiences of dads around the globe.

The book features excerpts from much loved Father Of Daughters – Simon Hooper – and dad-to-be Alex Bowen, both of which have embraced hypnobirthing and are finding huge benefits.


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The reality is that partners play a much more active role in labour, far beyond passing the snacks, and the book unveils that there are, in fact, 31 key moments that a partner needs to navigate. These vary from making sure that the lighting and music create the right environment to advocating for your partner when things aren’t going to plan.

Han-Son Lee, Founder of DaddiLife, said, “For too long, there has been an assumption about men’s roles at birth being somewhat shall we say ‘limited,’ with caricatures of men sitting in the corner, twiddling their thumbs far too ingrained in what people believe is the norm.

“The role that dads play in labour has evolved dramatically over the decades, and we see a future where more dads to be are leaning in, understanding their role as a true advocate for mums in labour.”

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“Hypnobirthing isn’t new; it’s already happening, and it’s time we shined more of a light on dads who are actively getting involved with their partner’s birth and to encourage more open conversation about hypnobirthing amongst dads to demystify what it actually is rather than what it sounds like initially,” he adds.

“We know that 1 in 3 women experience some form of birth trauma, and we believe that equipping dads to be with the right hypnobirthing tools for dads won’t just make them better birth partners, but also better life partners.”

positive-birth-book‘A Positive Birth: The dad’s guide to hypnobirthing’ is available to purchase from Amazon now.

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