Feeding: Follow on with NANNYcare….


Whether you’re just past the six-month stage or if your little one is a fussy eater, you want to be sure they’re getting all the nutrition they need to help them grow.

Introducing solid foods at six months is a significant time, giving babies their first taste of different flavours and textures as well as teaching them how to feed themselves.

At this time, they will still be getting most of their nutrition from milk, whether breast milk or formula so, if you’re using a follow-on milk, it will help to have your little one settled on it so you can concentrate on helping them enjoy the new foods they’re discovering.

Standard cow’s milk-based follow-on formulas don’t suit all babies – even after six months some parents may still be switching between formula brands because of minor feeding issues they haven’t been able to resolve.

Opinions vary on whether you should use over-the-counter medication for issues such as colic and reflux or should avoid them. Some parents try ‘specialist’ formulas such as comfort, anti-reflux or hungry baby formulas but there are so many types it can be very unsettling to be constantly changing. And, if they’re picking at their food, too, feeding time can become stressful.

For babies who haven’t settled down on a follow-on milk, NANNYcare offers mums an alternative with its Follow-on (six to 12 months) and Growing-up milk (one to three years) based on goat ‘whole’ milk instead of the more usual skimmed cow’s milk. The goat milk provides many of the vitamins, minerals and important nutrients needed and is further supplemented as required to better suit this age group, which is reassuring if you’re still coping with a picky eater.

And because it uses the whole milk, NANNYcare follow-on milks go through less processing stages than other brands. The gentle goat milk base is delicate on the tummy, assisting digestion, and it has a mild, fresh taste. You may find it suits your little one better and helps you to provide them with a healthy balanced diet.