Expecting? How to get a good night’s sleep

Having a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant isn’t always easy. Ahead of sleep awareness week (23-29 April) try these tips for the sweetest of slumber

During pregnancy especially when carrying an extra load it can make you feel really hot and uncomfortable. Plus, throughout pregnancy, your body’s temperature is usually slightly higher than normal due to the hormonal changes and increased blood flow, resulting in broken sleep throughout the night.

The pregnancy pillows experts have five top tips to help create a cool and calm sleep for mums-to-be.

1. Get in to position
Try and get in to the habit of sleeping on your left side. It will reduce the amount of pressure on your uterus and increase the amount of blood and nutrients which flow to your baby. Not only that, but this position will help relieve back pain too – this is where a good pregnancy pillow will come in handy.

2. Take naps
It’s important to get the right amount of sleep during pregnancy. Having naps in the day can help stop you feeling lethargic; between 2–4pm is ideal, otherwise you may find it difficult to fall asleep at night!

3. Get active
Exercising in a morning can help induce sleep at night – yoga or an aqua-natal class is perfect and not too strenuous. However, it’s best to avoid exercising late on an evening as this can have the opposite effect on your body leaving you feeling energised!

4. Feel supported
The position of your body when sleeping is important and investing in a pregnancy pillow can work wonders. U-Shaped pillows wrap around your body and give you cushioning between your legs which means they are great for supporting your bump when you’re sleeping on your side.

5. Have a soak
Believe it or not, having a warm bath or shower before getting in to bed will not only relax you but also make you cooler! When getting out of the warm water your body temperature will drop – perfect for inducing a cool sleep on a hot summers night.