Ethical Luxury at Ease…

CottonLily is the ultimate go-to for luxury, organic items for mother and baby alike.

his user friendly website demonstrates plainly that the term organic no longer revolves around an allotment swamped with mud and mouldy carrots (a first memory of my parents’ vegetable patch that has persisted) instead, CottonLily sheds light on the importance of organic and ethical products and encompasses all those essentials for you and your little bundle of joy.

As we know, despite the UK being in the middle of a double-dip recession designer labels continue to fly off the shelves. But it’s not just Hermes bags; new parents are increasingly looking for ethical luxury for their little ones. The launch of gives UK parents a chance to get the best for baby, in one easy online shopping destination… just what the Doctor ordered! And one cannot argue with the effectiveness of this website, clearly categorised (evidently steered away from the Double Dutch method, where you spend longer looking for the product than it took for you to purchase it) and unarguably kept simplicity at the forefront. Although the stock is relatively small in comparison to much larger companies, the collection is integral to everyday parenting life – stocking simply what you need and when you need it. To be honest, who has time these days to sit traipsing page after page of rabble just reach your much-needed manual breast pump.

This Bristol based site prides itself on stocking only organic or ethical items. With everything from eco-merino wool blankets from New Zealand to organic nappy rash cream from Sussex and parents can shop to their heart’s content, with a clear conscience. Trend forecaster Euromonitor predicts the Premium Baby and Child category will expand another $4.7billion by 2016. To focus on this growing importance to parents, made the decision to source only from ethical manufacturers.

But before I go, they’re offering Baby London readers an additional 20% off all first orders within the UK, this is topped with their introductory 10% offer. 30% off – yes please, all you need to do is enter this reader offer code COT121. A job very well done!