My Essentials: Lily Simpson


New mother, and founder of health food deli and delivery service The Detox Kitchen, shares her motherhood must-haves and nutritional know-how…

How are you finding life as a new mum?
It is more wonderful than I can explain. I keep staring at him and smiling; he probably thinks I’m mad already. It is really hard work though. Babies need you 24 hours a day and there’s always so much to do. It can all get a little overwhelming at times, but obviously, it’s all worth it.

What were your go-to foods while you were pregnant?
I still loved eating healthily, so l had lots of green vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. I also treated myself to a lot more – I needed the energy! I am in a very lucky situation in that I own a food delivery company, so I call on our amazing chefs and have our protein package delivered to my home. I have supersized it with some extra protein and dairy while I’m breastfeeding. I also add in the odd chocolate cake here and there as a treat.

foodWorking with a lot of celebrity mums, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophie Dahl and Elle Macpherson to name just a few, do they let you in on any Hollywood hints and tips?
We interviewed all our celebs and nearly all of them said that they think the key to beautiful skin is avoiding sugar and drinking lots of water. It’s very simple, but it definitely works for me.

Did you discover any unexpected, can’t-live-without pregnancy products?
Pai Skincare is absolutelyamazing. I used their stretch mark oil throughout my pregnancy and have continued to use more of their range after giving birth to Finley. The products are totally natural and have transformed
my blemish-ridden skin. I really recommend!

Where do you like to shop for Finley?
Umm… can I say John Lewis? I love it. I’ll definitely be buying Finley a penguin too.

paiWhat items do you keep in your changing bag?
I have a really great breastfeeding shawl from Seraphine which I can just fling over my shoulder and feed Finley anywhere. I also have the obvious – nappies, baby wipes and Sudocrem. I also keep a few snacks for myself – breastfeeding is hungry work.

LilyFrom the way you present your food you’re obviously very artistic. Have you been able to transfer these skills to decorating Finley’s nursery?
Sadly Finley doesn’t have a nursery yet. He’s still in his cot in our bedroom, but I am very excited to start decorating the nursery. I’m thinking something along the lines of Beatrix Potter meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with a few John Lewis Penguins thrown in for good measure.

What has it been like juggling your own business and a new baby?
It has been quite hard as the company is only two and a half years old and we are still growing so quickly. There’s an awful lot going on at the moment – we’ve just opened a new deli and are looking to open another one very soon, we are bringing out a cookbook next year and there are lots of other exciting projects in the pipeline. It’s hard to step away from work, but at the same time I am incredibly lucky to have people I trust running the company while I am away. They have the same beliefs and ideas about the company that I do, which is very reassuring.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Just the usual really. For 2015 I’ll be trying to give up chocolate and swearing. I can never stick to either, but I guess now I am a mum I will try extra hard at the not swearing resolution.

Any advice for new mums wanting to get back in shape while remaining energised?
Don’t rush into it. I think the best advice is to eat well during your pregnancy so that you feel energised and can still move around – that will make it much easier to lose any excess weight after the birth. Ultimately, the best non-food advice is not to be too hard on yourself.

When do you find the time to escape? And where do you go?
I try to see my mum in the New Forest at least twice a month and my husband and I attempt to book a weekend away somewhere in the West Country a few times every year. I love being by the sea and eating at all the tasty fish restaurants.

detox-kitchenWhat’s in store for the Detox Kitchen for 2015?
There are lots of very exciting things bubbling away. There’s the cookbook, the new deli and our collaborations with lots of exciting brands. Sadly there are not many I can mention at the moment, but I can reveal that there will be lots of amazingly delicious new dishes coming from our kitchens. Watch this space!

For the original interview with Lily, and lots more, see the Jan/Feb issue of Baby London. Out now. For more, visit:

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