My essentials: Claire Vero

Claire Vero

Claire Vero, the founder and CEO of Aurelia skincare talks date night, weekend jaunts and pregnancy indulgences

How are you finding life as a mum of two since the arrival of three-month-old Atticus? 

It’s a lot busier than I thought! The biggest challenge is having to watch them both every minute, which is an adjustment from just having an independent three year old. Luckily I have caught several balls heading Atticus’s way in time, and the over-enthusiastic kisses that Henry gives him often need serious supervision!

How did Henry react to becoming a big brother?

The reality is that he loves him one minute, and spends a lot of time talking about him and kissing him, but it’s not all been smooth sailing. Having been a fabulous sleeper since he was tiny, Henry’s sleep is now very disturbed so we do have some tricky moments!

Did you have an enjoyable pregnancy? 

I was lucky this time that I didn’t suffer the same morning sickness I had during my first pregnancy – I was sick constantly for the first 12 weeks and found it really tough, especially as Aurelia was in its early stages. I love reflexology, and was lucky enough to have a few treatments while pregnant – that was my one real indulgence!

How has your work life changed since becoming a mum?

When I had Henry, I came back to work three days a week, which really helped to ease me back into the office. I’m really enjoying my maternity leave with Atticus, which does feel quite different now there are two little ones to look after, but I’m excited about returning this month [January]. Having my boys has changed my work life considerably; I have grown the Aurelia team so I’m able to delegate more. I worry less about the smaller things.

Claire Vero
Claire and husband Alex with their two boys

Which products did you rely on during your pregnancy?

I suffered from dry skin so I immediately increased my use of Epsom salts, and for my skincare routine I started using our Cell Repair Night Oil underneath the Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser. I also suffer from melasma [a common skin pigmentation condition] in pregnancy, so this time I exfoliated daily with our Miracle Cleanser. My eyes felt itchy during the first trimester too, so I put our Revitalise & Brighten Eye Dew in the fridge and used it to relieve discomfort.

You launched Little Aurelia earlier this year – why did you decide to create a children’s line?

As a mum, I just wanted to create a range of bio-organic skincare that would support our little ones’ wellbeing. Then, taking inspiration from some of my favourite children’s illustrators, we created a whole world of woodland animal characters and poetry, which I’m hoping will delight children for years to come.

Where do you like to shop for your boys?

I love Pepa & Co, and I recently bought some lovely things from Scandinavian brand Annaliv. Oeuf NYC jumpers and hats are really different, and I like Kissy Kissy for the softest babygrows. The boys have nicer clothes than I do!

If we were to rummage through your changing bag, what would we find?

Naty nappies; some lavender hand sanitiser; the Comfort & Calm Rescue Cream from Little Aurelia which is perfect for sore bottoms and bruises; a Soft Gallery changing mat and a lot of Nine bars to keep us all going!

What other essentials have proven invaluable for you?

Water Wipes are a must as they are wonderfully pure and don’t leave any sticky residue. And my BabyBjörn carrier is fabulous; I can get out and about with both boys unrestricted.

Claire Vero
Aurelia collaborated with illustrators to create the packaging for its children’s line

Where do you live in London?

I live in Parsons Green – there are so many independent boutiques and restaurants, and there’s a real sense of community. My husband Alex and I have made the decision to move to the countryside next year which will be a huge change of pace but one I’m really looking forward to.

Where do you like to go with the kids on weekends?

We love National Trust houses as they’re always centred on children and they often sell very good cake, which is a weakness of mine! We love the sea so spend a lot of time at the beach in Salcombe, or in Mallorca. If it’s raining, I like to head to the Emma Bridgewater Pottery Café on Fulham Road.

What about date nights?

We go out every Thursday, usually locally, although we are making more of an effort to maximise our last year here. I recently discovered a great restaurant called Lorne in Pimlico; it does modern British cuisine and delicious wine pairings.

What does next year have in store for you? 

Aurelia will be launching facials and body rituals  – the spa is being built right now and we
can’t wait for the big reveal!

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