Embrace Rainy Days with a Brand New Revolution!

Living in a country where the weather is, how do I put this… less than desirable, consequently means we’ve all been subject to soggy socks and sodden wellington boots – let’s reveal a solution.

kay, a wet sock isn’t the end of the world but having to peel them off your child who’s moaning that their feet are ‘freezing’ is a pain in the neck. Splats, who launched this year in March, are a new high-tech functional footwear label. Created by Rainbow and Amy; two North London mums who, with seven kids between them, felt that wellies were a big fat fail for modern kids.

Now, Splats aren’t trying to replace the welly boot. As a child growing up on a farm, I spent a good chunk of my childhood glued to my little green boots, getting stuck in bogs and walking through copious muddy puddles. They’re perfect when plodding about on the farm but with nearly 89% of us now living in cities wellies aren’t the most practical clobber to be trudging around in – and running in them? Well that’s a mission for anyone, let alone a three year old. They’d also fall off when kicking a ball, slip off when climbing frames and water would go over the top when jumping in puddles – a real incompatibility!

Splats primary invention, rainSplats are the ‘go to’ boot. Boasting a plethora of credentials they are waterproof, breathable and flexible allowing kids to run, jump, climb, cycle, scoot and best of all splash! Making fit for the ideal companion for spring showers, summer rain and autumn downpours, and whatever winter throws at us.

When I heard about rainSplats, I must admit, the imagery that formed in my head of a sporty boot collaborating with waterproof technology allowed my scepticism to seep in. These sounded far too functional to be appealing on the eye but with five vibrant colours to choose from they really are a funky piece of footwear. Designed with high visibility reflective detail, low profile non-slip sole and a waterproof breathable membrane, rainSplats have well and truly encompassed every factor. Not to forget that they’re lightweight, neatly collapsible and easy to pack away. These have been recognised by the top dogs of the shoe world as stores up and down the country including John Lewis, Russell & Bromley and Selfridges have snapped them up.

All I can say is I can’t wait to see what comes next from this up-and-coming brand!