This Revolutionary Breast Pump will be Your Ultimate Breastfeeding Ally

Meet Elvie Pump, the world’s first silent wearable breast pump.


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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beautiful things in the world. But it’s no secret, breastfeeding your baby is not without its complications. From difficulties latching-on, to the perils of leaks and feeding on-the-go, new mums need all the help and support they can get.

Enter Elvie Pump, the innovative breast pump with women’s needs at the forefront of its design. A world’s first, Elvie Pump is a silent and wearable breast pump. It fits into your nursing bra, without any wires, tubes or noise.

What’s the big deal with a wearable breast pump?

Elvie Pump makes it possible for mums to pump on their own terms, whether that’s at home, at work or on-the-go. It’s portable size, hands-free design and silent technology mean mums can ditch those hours spent tethered to a wall or hidden in distant corners of the room while pumping and expressing.

With Elvie Pump new mums can carry on with their daily lives – lead the meeting, catch up with friends or simply enjoy some peace and quiet – all while they pump.

How does Elvie Pump work?

Elvie-Pump-Wearable-Breast-PumpFrom setup to clean up, Elvie Pump is easy to use. Simply place the pump inside your nursing bra, turn it on and press Play to start pump completely hands-free. It has just five parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss.

To really make the most of Elvie Pump you can connect to the free app, which will allow you to monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely. Look mum, no hands!

Elvie-Pump-Wearable-Breast-PumpTwo modes and seven intensity settings ensure you can find the most efficient and comfortable setting for you. Elvie Pump will even automatically switch from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and pause when the bottle is full. One less thing to think about!

Elvie Pump is bringing breast pumps out of the dark ages. No more feeling like a cow when you pump!

Elvie Pump (single) retails for £249 and Elvie Pump (double) is £449.

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