Editor’s Diary: Preparing To Give Birth

Untitled-1 co88pyThis month I’m mainly focused on getting ready to give birth! After a very medical birth first time round I’ve been researching hypnobirthing in an attempt to have a different experience for number two. Friends pointed me in the direction of the wonderful Maggie Howell who has been a pioneer in the world of natal hypnotherapy so I’m busy reading her book ‘Effective Birth Preparation’ and listening to the meditation CD. Don’t miss her feature on how you can build hypnosis into your birth plan in the next issue of Baby London, out in August.

I’ve also been thinking about packing my hospital bag and asking people for advice on what those essential items might be. I’m still traumatised by the fact that my husband had forgotten to put batteries in my handheld fan last time, so that is top of my list! I seem to have amassed so much to take that my Pink Lining holdall is the perfect size – I just hope I don’t have to take a black cab to get to the hospital!

For those of you who are time-poor or fancy someone else doing the groundwork for you (I’m very tempted!), The Essential Bag Company has got the ultimate ready-packed hospital bag waiting for you. Stuffed full of toiletries, nappies, newborn clothes and of course chocolate, the lovely changing bag will come in handy long after you’ve left the hospital.

Now, back to the task at hand, we’ve put together a checklist so you can tick off the essentials once they’re in the bag! Kate xchecklist_without-standfirst-2