What you should be eating if you’re breastfeeding

Lauren Dangoor, founder of Feed Me 2, gives us the lowdown on your breastfeeding diet

Breastfeeding is an incredible experience but one that can also be incredibly taxing, both physically and emotionally. The direct link between what a mother eats and what her child consumes means that, more than ever before, nutrition is of the utmost importance.

When breastfeeding, energy levels can definitely be strained and mothers often find themselves exhausted; it is important not to eat foods that allow for sugar highs and lows. Keeping yourself well-fed and energised over the course of the day is key; so don’t ever think there is anything wrong with carrying around snacks for yourself, as well as baby!

The goal when you are breastfeeding is to never deplete yourself of your body’s nutrients. Another thing to consider is that by keeping a varied diet while breastfeeding, you are able to change the taste and smell of your milk, which will allow your child to be exposed to a variety of flavours. This expansion of your child’s flavour palate will allow their culinary horizons to be expanded even before he or she starts with solids, and even minimises the potential for pickiness.