Why Breastfeeding Mums Should Eat More Eggs

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New research has revealed that eating eggs while breastfeeding could actually lower the chance of your baby developing an egg allergy

Few of us can resist a boiled egg with dippy toast soldiers on a Sunday morning, but did you know that eating eggs while breastfeeding can actually reduce the likelihood of your baby developing an egg allergy?

That’s according to new research by the University of Western Australia, which found that allergy cases are four times less likely when babies have been exposed to milk containing egg protein.

Professor Valerie Verhasselt, who led the study, added that the research “shows that protection could be induced through breastfeeding and before the introduction of any solid food to the child’s diet.”

This means that – as well as eating eggs while breastfeeding – it may be be worth introducing this tasty breakfast staple (as well as other potentially allergenic foods) earlier on in the weaning process, too, for the exact same reason. Experts in the UK, including Allergy UK also support this.

“The research provides extra reassurance for new mums and other family members that eggs can be enjoying during pregnancy, while mums are breastfeeding, and also early in the weaning process,” added dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton.

Eggs are one of the richest sources of choline, a nutrient that’s particularly important for brain development, plus they’re high in B vitamins, vitamin D and iodine, which support everyday health.

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“Improvement to food safety over the past few decades also means that runny eggs, with the British Lion mark, are now a highly recommended option for pregnant women, children and older people,” said Professor Verhasselt.

“Given many mums’ worries about the risk of infant allergies, it’s good to know from this new research that simply eating eggs while breastfeeding can be an added bonus.”

So, no matter how you like your eggs in the morning – boiled, fried or scrambled – you can rest assured that baby is benefitting in more ways than one. We know what we’ll be having for breakfast this weekend…

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