Dress by trimester with Seraphine

Congratulations expecting mama! Your body is about to embark on the most amazing creative journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay true to your individual style. Alice Bunker, maternity fashion expert at Seraphine, shows us how

With your figure in a constant state of flux, dressing for your body shape takes on a whole new set of challenges. That’s where Seraphine come in; we’ve broken down tips by trimester to give you the best possible guide to flattering your figure through every stage of pregnancy.


1st Trimester: The Art of Disguise

Though you may be busting to share your amazing baby news, many women choose to keep mum until getting the all-clear at the 12 week scan. Using layers, necklines and cleverly placed accessories, our tips for this trimester are all about mastering the art of sartorial misdirection.

  • The Perfect Balance
    Loose fitting tops may seem like a great idea at this stage, but be careful to balance out the style with something fitted underneath. Try teaming a loose fitting shirt or tunic with a pair of skinny jeans or our best-selling Faux Leather Panel Maternity Leggings.
  • Layer up
    This having been said, a few well-placed layers are sometimes just the thing for throwing well-meaning busybodies off the scent. A stylish waterfall cardigan is a great way to disguise that inevitable pre-bump bloat, or a draped scarf will do the same job – let it hang down over your front to conceal and distract.
  • Distract Attention
    Anything that draws attention up towards your face and away from your midriff is a great idea at this stage. Scooped or v necklines work well, as do statement necklaces and dangly earrings. Even something as simple as a new shade of lipstick or a haircut will help to draw focus away from your little secret.

BL-2trimester2nd Trimester: “I’m Not Fat – I’m Pregnant!”

Ah the second trimester… queasiness should be a thing of the past, energy levels are high and your bump is at its absolute cutest! Now is the time to really embrace your growing curves and own your new shape. With the right style tweaks it’s easy enough to make it clear that it’s a baby in there, not a burger!

  • Ruche it
    Not only are ruched styles like our Burgundy Geo Print Maternity & Nursing Dress a fantastic way to flatter your curves, but they also allow plenty of growing room – making them perfect for your second trimester. Comfy, feminine and super-flattering, ruching is a mum-to-be’s secret weapon.
  • Maternity Belts
    If you’re still feeling more bloated than blossoming, a well-placed maternity belt will work wonders for your look. Cinching you in at your slimmest point, a belt at the empire waist will work to define your figure and emphasise your new curves.
  • Maternity Bras
    Even the best planned outfits will fall flat without the proper support. So if you haven’t yet, then now is the time to think about maternity bras. Your size will fluctuate throughout your nine months and beyond, so a specially designed bra with an adjustable fit and easy access for nursing is well worth the investment.  

BL-3trimester3rd Trimester: The Comfort Factor

As you enter your 3rd trimester, comfort is key. Defining your bump is no longer an issue, as by this point it will be doing all the talking for you. Follow our advice to make the most of your final few months of pregnancy.

  • Natural Fabrics
    Towards the end of your pregnancy, you may find that your skin feels more sensitive than usual. So investing in maternity clothes in soft natural fabrics like, cotton, linen or cashmere is a great idea. At Seraphine we offer a fantastic selection of cotton nursing tops, which are perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding baby afterwards.
  • Empire Waist
    The empire waist truly is a miracle silhouette for pregnancy. A style like our signature knot front maternity dress pulls focus towards your empire waist, highlighting your slimmest point and draping beautifully over your bump.
  • Wrap Dresses
    Stylish wrap dresses are a must-have for every stage of pregnancy, but they’re especially fantastic towards the end. Highlighting the all-important empire waist, maternity wrap dresses secure in a bow, allowing you to adjust the fit as your bump grows. And on top of that, they’re super chic and versatile – perfect for the office or any occasion.

All styles mentioned are available at seraphine.com