Design Inspiration for Nursery Interiors

Founders of Piccoli & Co, Aine D’Souza and Leopoldina Haynes, share their nursery interiors and design inspiration tips

Designing a nursery for your new arrival is a fun and exciting experience, and it is the first step to welcoming your baby into your family. This is where you can channel all your nesting instincts to create the perfect space for you and your child to enjoy for years to come.

It’s not only a place for sleep, changing and storage, but also somewhere you will spend many of your waking moments for the next few years. So it is important that it is a space of beauty, tranquility but also of practicality. We see the nursery as an extension of your home. It should reflect your style, at least for the first few years, before your toddler starts to voice their own option! We have put together some pointers to get you started.

Untitled-2Nursery Interiors Storage

Babies are magnets for stuff, so storage solutions are essential – choose thoughtfully to accentuate your design direction.


Cot bedding is used to dress up the cot and is a focal point of the room. A linen skirt, for example, brings a cot to a whole new level of chic! Bedding can also bring the whole room together for you, and lets you experiment.


This will be the most important purchase in your nursery. You can choose from ‘classic’ and ‘modern’, to ‘vintage’ and it will set the theme for your room.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair gives you yet another opportunity to add a design touch to your nursery. Functionality should come first, with design being a priority as you want this purchase to be enjoyed by you and your little one for the years ahead. If the chair you love does not fit your design story, why not have some fun with upholstery to make it work for you?

Mo-Ma Glider Nursing Chair, £975, | The Red & Blue Stripe Rug, £70,

Wall Art for Nursery Interiors

The artwork you choose does not typically have to feature little lambs or cartoon characters. We especially love to personalise a nursery with the baby’s name – it will become a keepsake that will grow with the child.

Shadow Box

Place items such as knitted booties and a favourite teddy in a shadow box, they will be preserved and loved for generations to come.


Hung above the crib they are perfect to engage and calm a baby. Take time to
select one that communicates your design message, pleasing you as much as your baby!

Classic Royale Collection,


A home for bedtime books, but also a place to showcase special items such as framed pictures and monogrammed art. Also useful for housing storage baskets for small toys.


Great to warm up the nursery interiors, rugs also allow you to play with visual ideas. You can have fun with with colour, texture and pattern. For example, if your nursery does not feature any pattern, why not try out a graphic rug in the room? To give your room a funky or modern feel, add a shag or sheepskin rug.


Chandeliers and lamps are a great way to accessorise a nursery with something functional. Chandeliers lend great presence to a room and can bring your design together, while lamps can offer a whimsical touch. Using both gives you light from more than one source, creating a cosier effect and warm glow in a nursery.

photography by Helene Sandberg

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