Valentine’s Day: Simple and Romantic Date Night Ideas for New Parents

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Looking for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2023? Take the pressure off with these simple and family-friendly date night ideas for new parents to enjoy on February 14th and beyond. Just call us cupid.

Spending quality alone time with your significant other can take a back seat when you’ve got a new baby to consider. Navigating your way through nappy changes, sleepless nights and 4AM feeds can take the romance out of the best of relationships. It’s why many couples need date night ideas to keep a spark alive during the foray into parenthood.

“Date nights are so important to reconnect as a couple – if anything, this is as important as being the best parent you can be,” Georgia Larsen, new mum and founder of lingerie brand Dora Larsen, explains. But with new babies or demanding toddlers consuming all your time and energy, it can be tough to find the time to even start thinking about a date night plan.

To alleviate some of the added pressure (and ensure you get the quality time together new parents need) we’ve come up with some parent-friendly date night ideas. You won’t even need to book a babysitter for some of them. Just call us cupid.

Simple and romantic date night ideas

Create your own movie theatre

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Grab the popcorn (unless pick ‘n’ mix or nachos are your cinema treat of choice) and your favourite drink and snuggle up on the couch with your other half for some much needed downtime. Agree on a movie that neither of you have seen, whether that be a brand new release or a golden oldie, on a streaming platform of your choice. Sit tight for the whole show and try not to get distracted by household tasks!

Set up an indoor picnic

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Let’s start simple. If you have a newborn, trying to find the time to even make a restaurant reservation, let alone heading out for a night out, may seem like a daunting task. Take away the stresses of trying to book a babysitter on one of their busiest night’s of the year (and then the inevitable worries of leaving your baby with them for the first time) and bring the restaurant to you.

Grab some blankets, a few candles and create a romantic indoor picnic set-up. Plus if you really want to commit to the theme, save on time and washing up with a ready-made picnic hamper and paper plates.

“Don’t feel the pressure to go out,” Georgia adds.”It can be just as amazing putting in a real effort to make a gorgeous meal, light candles all over the house, and dress up in some Dora Larsen underwear, of course!”

Turn dinner into a games night

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While we know finding even half an hour just to eat dinner alone together can be difficult with a new baby, but as parents, you should have multi-tasking mastered by now. When you do finally manage to get baby down, turn a normal evening’s meal into something a little different.

Opt for quizzes or an app with a number of different party games for quickfire entertainment in-between courses or baby’s feeds. Turn things up a notch with some incentives to win. Or for a more traditional route, dig out those old board games that are collecting dust at the top of the cupboard!

Make tokens to cash in at a later date

Although we’re trying to ramp up the romance in honour of Valentine’s Day, the most important thing as new parents is to let each other know you’re still trying to make time for each other. This may mean being creative with your dates – and not focusing solely on the big Valentine’s celebrations.

On the day, present your partner with some tokens they can cash in on a date that works better for both of you. It could be something as simple as a five-minute head massage or go the whole hog with an IOU for a romantic spa stay (once the babysitter’s secured).

Go out for a special Valentine’s Day meal

valentines-date-ideasForget the fuss of cooking and instead have someone cook you and your other half a delicious Valentine’s Day inspired meal at a nearby restaurant. It could be just the thing to unwind from your busy new life as a parent and a good excuse to get dressed up! We love the sound of the Valentine’s menu at the Pivot Bar & Bistro in Covent Garden priced at just £45 per person with a free glass of fizz!

Sign up for a couple’s cookery class

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If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve managed to secure a babysitter around Valentine’s season, then think about trying something a little different with your well-deserved free time. A couple’s cookery class could be an ideal why spend quality time with your partner while picking up some impressive new cooking skills.

Book a micro-mini-break

If you’re planning on pulling out all the stops this Valentine’s Day – and you’ve managed to lock down some childcare – why not think about jetting off on a romantic city break? But don’t fret about spending too much time away from your newborn just yet, as this new mini-break trend is all about maximising on short stays. You won’t even need to book a hotel.

Skyscanner has scoured the best of the online flight deals to bring you some of the top destinations to visit in a day on 14th February. Among other one-day deals, you could jet off from London to Copenhagen for £75 return, to Toulouse for £47 or Birmingham to Dublin for £34. And be home in time to put the baby in bed.

Family-friendly date night ideas: Organise a family outing

baby-friendly cinemas

If jetting off a day trip without your baby still feels like a step too far, try and find a way to incorporate your little one into quality time with your partner. Family trips and outings with a newborn need not be stressful if you head to baby-friendly events or locations.

Why not book in to watch a film at one of London’s baby-friendly cinema screenings? Or, for those party-loving parents, you could take a trip down memory and re-live your disco-dancings days at a baby rave.

Schedule in some time to treat yourself

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There’s no better romantic gesture than you’re other half offering to take over childcare duties, is there? This Valentine’s Day, why ditch the traditional date night and instead take it in turns to schedule in some much needed ‘me time’. Afterall, sometimes a bit of alone time is the secret to a happy relationship.

Ladies, if it’s some indulgent R&R you’re after, why not book in a treatment or blow dry. We’re big fans of Duck & Dry, a celeb fave Blow Dry bar at various locations across London, where the hair professionals are always there to get you looking and feeling your best.

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