The Dad Diary: The London Dad

Too cool for daddy's kisses

Blogger and Insta-Dad Greg Stanton shares the good, the bad and the oh-so honest about family life

Tell us why you started The London Dad

It’s amazing how the objective of the blog has changed over the course of its lifetime! Initially, it was just an Instagram feed to funnel traffic over to Avocado [an online magazine founded by Greg’s wife, Alice] and as the Instagram grew, I started the blog. Now, it’s about highlighting the untalked-about issues of parenting, including topics like male postnatal depression. My other project, the Dads’ Breakfast Club, launched later, in response to the online dad community wanting a place to hang out with their kids.

Does Instagram still play a big part?

Definitely, it’s my window to the outside world. I am awful at replying to emails, Whatsapp messages and texts – but inbox me on Instagram and you’ll probably get an instant response.

You’re dad to two-year-old Etta and are expecting a little boy in December. How are you feeling about having another baby? 

We are over the moon, although I’m also feeling completely baffled at the thought of raising a mini me. Two little ones is twice as much fun though, right?

At least you won’t be outnumbered by girls anymore!

Well, Cat the Dog is a girl and very much gets a vote in our house, so technically the boys will still be outnumbered…

Are you ready to do it all again? 

I think, as a parent, you view the stages of childhood one of two ways: it either gets easier as they get older, or harder. I personally think it becomes easier, as it’s easier to interact with them, but who knows if that will be the case this time. I’m looking forward to doing it all again.

Bottle and bed, then...
Bottle and bed, then…

Is there anything you’ll do differently? 

Start getting them into a routine at an earlier age and definitely use a dummy – they’re so much easier to replace than a £15 Jellycat mouse. We’re on our sixth one so far…

What kind of dad would you say you are? 

I would like to say hands-on and caring, but I imagine Alice can answer this one better than I can… [Greg makes a call to Alice]. Yep, “definitely caring, definitely hands-on and a little over-protective” – that’s been verified.

Where do you go when you feel like dodging dad responsibilities once in a while?

Who, me? I don’t do that. OK – either out for a run, to Starbucks to write an article, or I take Cat the Dog out for a walk.

What has fatherhood taught you?

To be more patient and to love in a way that just amazes me every day.

What advice would you give to new dads? 

Take each day as it comes – you get thrown loads of curveballs, but you just have to react to them as they happen.

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