The Dad Diary: Jamie Day at A Day in The Life Dad

Jamie with Edie, four, and Arlo, one

The father of two and A Day In The Life blogger reveals the good, bad and oh-so honest truth about family life

What’s life been like lately as a dad of two? 

Have a second child, they said. You know what you’re doing now, they said. Second baby is always easier, they said… yeah, right! Life with Edie and Arlo is amazing though, and filled with endless love, giggles and Peppa Pig. Edie is four going on 40; wise beyond her years with the ability to argue her point better than the average government backbencher. Arlo, one,  is as strong as an ox, as fast as Usain Bolt and as cheeky as Ant & Dec. Imagine that weird mutation and you’ve got my son.

What challenges has having a toddler thrown your way so far?

The only challenge we really have is giving Arlo the same upbringing as his sister. When Edie was younger, she was our sole focus, whereas now, like many younger siblings, Arlo finds himself just mucking in as our time as parents is so difficult to spread evenly. It’s fine, he’s getting a lovely upbringing, but he might just get one bedtime story whereas Edie would have had an entire village library’s worth.

What kind of dad are you? 

I like to try and find a decent balance of being someone they see as a human climbing frame, and someone who will cuddle up on the sofa and comfort them when they need it.

Weekend life
Weekend life

What has fatherhood taught you? 

I think it’s important to ensure you and your partner are a team. From day one there are huge decisions to be made and they don’t stop. Whether it’s about routines, moving off the bottle, dealing with poor health or money issues, the decisions are always going to be easier when you’re on the same page. That, and buy cheap babygrows. Those leaky explosions in the early days aren’t ever coming out in the wash.

You switched north London life for the countryside. What’s a typical weekend like? 

Ah, you know, pretty wild. We’ll have a big breakfast, followed by a long dog walk round some muddy fields. Then home for some play, supper, then bath and bed for the kids. Then to round off all the craziness, we’ll tidy up the tsunami of toys and do some ironing before collapsing on the sofa. I know, mental right?

Why did you start your blog, A Day In The Life?

Simply because I love writing. I find it therapeutic and in a world that feels like it’s going 100mph with children and work [Jamie works in education], it’s sometimes nice to slow down and tap away at a keyboard that’s filled with biscuit crumbs.

What’s next for you? 

We’re decorating the downstairs loo in the next couple of weeks. Great for when I want to get away from it all. I’ve also got some exciting collaborations lined up with some great brands on the blog.

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