On your Bike! Cycling with Baby

CycleChic founder Caz Nicklin shares her insider tips for getting back on your bike with baby

As soon as your baby can sit up straight (from around 10 months onwards), you can get them on the bike. My main means of transporting my daughter Florence around for the past five years has been the back of my bike – from nursery to ballet to swimming during her toddler years, and now, to school.

I first got her on board the bike with me when she was 14 months old. I reckon she would have been ready a few months before, but the weather was so horrid we waited until spring, by which time she was 14 months and less likely to fall asleep!

Transporting your children by bike can be hugely practical not to mention heaps of fun for all involved. It can tick many boxes for a busy parent: getting them out in the fresh air, seeing their bonny little faces light up and hearing their squeals of delight as they discover the joys of travelling by bike or (with the rose-tinted glasses removed) getting them from A to B without any bawling, dawdling or buggy battles on the bus.

Plus, we all know how good cycling is for your health. It’s a great way to get exercise into your daily routine, which will boost your endorphins leaving you feeling great and, once you’ve invested in the bike gear, the riding bit is completely free!

Caz’s Top Tips for Getting Back on your Bike

  1. Have a lesson Adult cycling lessons have been increasing in popularity over the past 10 years and in some boroughs of London they are free or heavily subsidised. I would highly recommend a lesson for anyone who is new to or has had a break from urban cycling.
  2. Find routes off road. Many of the routes I cycle with my daughter are either off-road or on quieter roads – it makes for a much more chilled out experience. Have a look at the cycle lanes and networks in your area and of course routes through parks.
  3. Get off and push! I am a firm believer in hopping off your bike and pushing on the pavement if the road feels too busy and chaotic, especially with a child on the bike. As long as you stop and dismount safely, there is no harm in pushing your bike.

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