Fuel Their Imagination With the all-new Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy Collection


How many times this week have you had to crawl along the floor pretending to be a dinosaur/unicorn/fire truck? It may feel tedious to us as parents, but creative play is enormously beneficial for our children. Cue the brand-new Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy dolls.

Creative play boosts children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as allowing them to explore and discover the world through areas that interest them, and areas they are familiar with, while fostering an enjoyment of learning.

Role play, in particular, is such an important part of childhood learning, and one of the best ways to expand their creativity and ability to empathise.


Naturally, the easiest way we as parents can support pretend play is by having plenty of interesting toys and items to hand, and dolls in particular can make playtime adventures feel truly real. As well as allowing little ones to recreate scenarios they’ve experienced or seen at home, dolls are engaging, help children to explore real-world concepts and have infinite play value.

Dreamy, Hannah and Jenna (suitable for ages 18 months +) bring favourite characters from the hit YouTube and animated TV series to life.

Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy dolls

With their vibrant, multi-coloured rooted hair and bright, sparkly eyes, each Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy doll wears a changeable outfit, including super-soft t-shirt and trousers or dress, cute shoes and fluffy jacket with magical wings.


Like all the Cry Babies, the Dressy Fantasy dolls cry real water tears and make more than 10 realistic baby sounds when you remove their dummies. These new lighter-weight Cry Babies are now even easier to carry around and cradle, too, and are perfect for nurturing fun, open-ended play, boosting children’s creativity and self-expression.


Our little ones’ connections with their toys help to foster positive childhood memories, and with the ability to take them on never-ending enchanting adventures, Cry Babies will become one of their most-loved yet.

RRP: £29.99; available at Smyths, Tesco and Amazon.

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