How to Ease the Symptoms of Colic in Your Baby

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Those first few months with your baby are both special and challenging, and when your little one is suffering from colic symptoms, Colief can help you from the start…

When your newborn cries constantly and seems distressed, it can be very upsetting for you, not to mention tiring with all the sleepless nights. Although it is a worrying time, symptoms of colic are common in babies and in a small number it may be caused by temporary lactose intolerance as their digestive system develop.  This is where Colief® Infant Drops can help.

An effective dietary supplement that is added to infant milk, Colief has been tried and trusted by parents for 20 years. The active ingredient in it is lactase, a safe, naturally-occurring enzyme produced within the small intestine.

In fact, it’s the only lactase enzyme with clinical studies supporting its efficacy. That’s why it’s the most commonly prescribed treatment for colicky symptoms.

What is colic? What are the symptoms of colic?

Colic is defined as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in a newborn baby who otherwise appears to be perfectly healthy. The condition can affect up to one
in five babies, so you’re not alone.

Infant colic can have many causes. In some cases it is believed to be caused by temporary lactose intolerance.

This is because in the first months of life, some babies are unable to
fully break down lactose, a complex sugar in breast and formula milk. It can produce wind, bloating and cause discomfort, and one of the main symptoms is inconsolable crying.

As any parent with a distressed, crying baby knows, colic affects a whole household, and can be very frustrating and upsetting for all involved. Let Colief bring you peace of mind so you can enjoy those first precious months with your happy and healthy baby.

Colic – tips and tricks

If you suspect your baby has colic, it can help to do the following:

  • Keep a cry diary
  • Try a one-week trial of Colief Infant Drops to help diagnose whether temporary lactose intolerance could be the cause

Colief Infant Drops can help ease the symptoms of colic by breaking down the lactose in your baby’s milk, resulting in less discomfort. Add a few drops to the milk each time you breastfeed or use formula.

Colief Infant Drops
Colief’s Infant Drops will help to ease your baby’s symptoms

What are Colief Infant Drops?

It’s a natural product that is added to infant milk and used to treat temporary lactose intolerance in babies suffering from colic; the active ingredient in the drops is lactase, a safe, naturally-occurring enzyme produced within the small intestine.

Colief® Infant Drops contain lactase, a naturally-occurring enzyme that helps relieve the symptoms by breaking down the lactose in milk, making it easier to digest. Simply add the drops to your baby’s feeds, either in expressed breast milk or formula, 30 minutes before feeding to allow time for the drops to work.

Temporary lactose intolerance is common in many babies as their digestive systems develop. Topping up a baby’s lactase levels is a good first step to tackling the symptoms naturally, as it’s the most commonly prescribed treatment for colicky symptoms and is widely recommended by health visitors. Colief® Infant Drops works by breaking down the lactose in baby’s milk, whether that’s from breast or bottle.

Colief Infant Drops are available at Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide: £11.99 (7ml), £15.99 (15ml). For more information, visit or

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