Stokke Tripp Trapp: Life Around The Table

As a place where memories are made and experiences are shared, the kitchen table lies at the heart of every home, which is why Stokke believes even the youngest family members should be in the midst of all the action

“Everything seems to happen around our table,” says parenting author, blogger and mother-of-four Clemmie Hooper. “Of course we use it to eat all our meals, but it’s more than that – it gives us precious time together in our crazy busy life. When we sit around the table, we become a family unit; we linger over discussions and make decisions. We chat about our days – at school, clubs, work and home. Our younger twin girls are only nine months old but they listen, wide-eyed, to the excited voices and chatter, soaking it all up, as their Stokke chairs allow them to nestle up to our level.”

Shot-2Designed so your child can sit right up at the table, allowing them to learn and develop alongside you and the rest of your family, the game-changing Stokke Tripp Trapp has continued to revolutionise children’s high chairs since its launch back in 1972. The luxury Norwegian children’s furniture manufacturer has designed the intelligent chair with little ones’ comfort in mind, complete with fully adjustable seat and footplates.

Shot-3“Other times our table transforms in to a haberdashery as the arts and crafts unfold,” continues Clemmie. “Glue sticks, feathers, sequins, buttons – you name it, we create with it! It’s a certainly a table that gets wiped down a lot. Then, on other days, it lends itself to food prep – chopping, stirring, cutting and baking – creating wondrous delights, both real and pretend. In quieter moments the table supports our two girls as they concentrate on their maths and practice their spellings. Or we all share a book together.

“Finally, once the kids have gone to bed, we chuck on a nice white linen cloth, a bunch of flowers and a scented candle, and it’s instantly transformed into the perfect setting for a dinner party,” she adds. “To put it simply, I can’t imagine our home without life around our kitchen table.”

Shot-4Indeed, ensuring your children are comfortable and your home stylish can be expensive business, which is why it’s important to buy products that grow with your little ones. The Tripp Trapp is designed to do just that – its sleek, contemporary and adjustable design means the chair can be used from birth right up to teenage years and beyond, and looks great in any home.

This year, the Stokke Tripp Trapp celebrates selling its 10 millionth chair. Find out more by clicking here.

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