7 Reasons to Choose a Natural Mattress for Your Baby


Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and recommended by safe sleep experts, choosing a natural mattress for your baby could be the secret to sleeping soundly.

As new parents, you probably know all too well just how precious those quiet moments when your baby is sound asleep are. From white noise to black-out blinds and temperature regulators, you’ll try anything to create the perfect sleeping environment on your quest for that elusive full night’s sleep. And now, with a greater focus than ever on embracing eco-friendly solutions in our everyday lives, opting for natural and sustainable choices is another priority for parents.

With this in mind, the sleep experts at The Little Green Sheep have put their knowledge of all things natural to use with The Little Green Sheep Mattress Range, an award-winning selection of mattresses and sleep essentials made using all-natural materials and ingredients.

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider a natural mattress for your baby’s nursery.

Non-Toxic, Natural Materials

little-green-sheep-mattressFrom cover to core, the materials used to make natural mattresses are all chosen to provide the very best for your little one – and avoid any unnecessary chemicals or allergens – as they sleep.

The exact composition of the mattress will depend on the style and model you choose, but the core materials used in The Little Green Sheep Natural Mattresses include:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Latex
  • Coconut Coir

The Little Green Sheep also offers a custom-made service. Whether you need a custom bassinet mattress, can’t find the right size crib mattress, or opt for a made-to-measure Moses basket mattress, rest assured that the materials used will remain all-natural.

The Little Green Sheep also offers a custom-made service. Whether you need a custom bassinet mattress, can’t find the right size crib mattress, or opt for a made-to-measure Moses basket mattress, rest assured that the materials used will remain all-natural.

Breathable with 100% Cotton

As temperatures fluctuate and your little one wriggles through the night, it’s essential to ensure you invest in a highly breathable mattress. This will help not only regulate your baby’s body temperature and contribute to a warm and dry sleeping environment, but make sure any dust-mites stay well away.

The 100% cotton covers on the Little Green Sheep natural mattresses offer a breathable alternative to synthetic fabrics found in standard mattresses. Cotton is also much gentler on delicate skin, ensuring a super soft surface for your baby to sleep on. The soft wool layer is temperature-regulating and sweat-wicking to allow for a warm and dry sleep environment.

Optimum Comfort and Support

little-green-sheep-crib-natural-mattressYou may not quite believe it (and the dark circles under your eyes may beg to differ) but babies can spend around 15 hours a day sleeping on their mattress, and ensuring optimum support and comfort is essential. Thanks to the layers of natural materials, natural mattresses are said to be some of the firmest options when it comes to baby mattresses – and therefore provide the optimal support recommended by safe sleep experts.

Along with super soft sheep’s wool, The Little Green Sheep’s mattress range combines natural latex with a sturdy coconut fibre core for an extra layer of comfort. Additionally, layers of coconut coir stand in as tiny individual springs to relieve pressure points and provide superior, evenly balanced support for your child.


As we mentioned before, newborns can spend around 15 hours a day snoozing, so it makes sense that their mattress should be sturdy and durable, as well as cosy and comfortable. The pros at The Little Green Sheep recommend that opting for mattresses with dual firmness is a sensible option, and offers long-lasting, customisable support as your little one grows.

The Twist mattress, part of the best-selling Little Green Sheep Natural Mattress range provides optimal support for babies up to 12 months, as recommended by safe sleep experts. Plus, when baby becomes a playful toddler, you can simply twist the mattress for a more supple, comfy and durable support that will last for years to come.

little-green-sheep-mattress-cotSustainably Made

With many brands taking the much-needed step towards greater sustainability and eco-conscious goals, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that Little Green Sheep’s mattresses are sustainably made in solar-powered factories to the highest standard.

Create a Hypo-Allergenic Nursery

Your baby’s sleeping environment should be calm, soothing and safe, and for many parents, creating a hypo-allergenic nursery will be a top priority. When creating an anti-allergy nursery for your little one, you’ll need to start with the basics and, with its toxin-free properties, a natural mattress lays the perfect foundations for a sound night’s sleep.

What’s more, the layers that make up the core of the Little Green Sheep’s natural mattresses are held together by a luxury Herringbone cotton cover. This tightly woven outer casing acts as a barrier to prevent dust mites from accessing the core, while aiding the breathability of the mattress.

Pair with Stylish Natural Bedding

Anti-allergy nurseries don’t have to look clinical or sterile. You can style your nursery with colours and patterns, or opt for more classic, neutral tones to reflect your home décor. And remember it’s not just the mattress that makes up an anti-allergen nursery. You can match your natural mattress with organic duvet and pillow sets, as well as luxury organic linen and cotton bed sheets.

Super soft on sensitive skin, The Little Green Sheep’s collection of patterned bedding ranges from cot and crib sheets, to adorable quilted sleeping bags for your baby. For extra comfort, the organic knitted cellular blankets are perfect for swaddling newborns while they nap.

Check out the full range of The Little Green Sheep’s Natural Mattresses and sleep essentials at thelittlegreensheep.co.uk.

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