Children’s TV shows are loved by adults just as much as kids, new research confirms

Mum and baby watch TV
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Generation Kidult is becoming more prevalent than ever, as 98% of parents admit to being entertained by children’s TV programmes

Have you ever sat down to watch a children’s TV programme with your little one, and thought “you know, this is actually quite good”?

Well, you aren’t alone, as it turns out there’s been a huge increase in parents co-viewing TV shows with their children, with 98% admitting that they found them genuinely entertaining.

The research, which was revealed in a poll commissioned by CBeebies programme Hey Duggee, also found that nearly half of pre-school parents have had a sneaky play with their children’s toys, while over 70% admitted to deliberately buying their children playthings that they know they would enjoy, too.

A generation shift

The number of parents co-viewing TV shows with their offspring compared to the previous generation has seen a dramatic rise, as over half of those interviewed said they spend more time watching programmes with their children than their own parents did with them.

On average, today’s mums and dads spend an average of three hours, 53 minutes of leisure time with their little ones each day, the most popular activities being dancing around the house together, singing in the car, watching films, playing in the park, and reading bedtime stories.

Hey Duggee, the faces behind the research, is being spotlighted as an example of a programme that’s hugely appealing to both parents and children. When asked what it was about the show that was so entertaining, those polled cited the programme’s “inclusive nature and its ‘have a go’ message”, as well as the fact it helps “parents to communicate with their children in a fun and engaging way.”

Bringing out the best in parents

“What’s really interesting about this research is that it shows that watching high-quality content is actually bringing families together, as well as inspiring parent and child interaction beyond time in front of the TV set,” says parenting expert, Dr. Jacqueline Harding. “It’s also evidently bringing out the fun kidult side of parents!”

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She adds, “In my opinion, it is essential that the impact of children’s programming extends beyond the viewing experience itself and leads to face-to-face interactions and quality play experiences in real life, and this research shows that pre-school series like Hey Duggee are helping to cultivate that by appealing to as much to this generation of parents as it does to their children.”

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