Boots introduces chickenpox vaccination service

Boots chickenpox vaccination

Chickenpox can be a pain – not least for your child. Now you can protect your family against the disease with the new vaccination service from Boots

Although not a serious disease, chickenpox can make children miserable. They have to take time off nursery or school until they’re deemed non-infectious which, if you don’t have alternative childcare, often results in parents needing to take time off work too. Not ideal!

But, thanks to Boots, you can now opt to have your child – or even yourself – protected from the disease with its new vaccination service. Available in 30 selected stores across the UK, the inoculation consists of two vaccinations given six weeks apart. The NHS doesn’t currently offer a universal vaccination and will only inoculate those considered to be most vulnerable to the virus, such as healthcare workers or those with a weakened immune system.

Boots Pharmacist Angela Chalmers, says: “As a mother and pharmacist of 14 years, I have spoken to many worried parents that want to know how long chickenpox is going to last and what they can do to help stop the itchiness and a high temperature. Chickenpox is easy to catch and can be passed on just by being in the same room as someone who has it. Although it is most commonly contracted in childhood it can affect all ages, with symptoms generally increasing in severity with age. As well as offering a private pay service to customers who want to be vaccinated in order to avoid contracting the disease, the Boots Chickenpox Vaccination Service  will provide customers with self-management advice and education on the warning signs of the complications associated with chickenpox”.

In order to support and advise parents, who can become very concerned about the condition, Boots is also providing advice on how to self-manage the condition, including tips on how to spot warning signs and symptoms for further care in the future.

  1. Symptom check: Checking for a high temperature (above 38 degrees), aches and pains and a loss of appetite are signs of symptoms that may occur before spots appearing.
  2. Knowing the timeframe: Spots can take one to three weeks to show once a person has the virus, so allow time for them to appear.
  3. Relieving the itch: It is very tempting to scratch the itch of chickenpox, but try patting the itch, which helps avoids scarring and bacterial infection. Wearing loose cotton clothing and using calamine lotion on your itchy spots can also ease symptoms.
  4. Keep your cool: Heat and sweat can make you itch more, keeping cool and using a wet washcloth on super itchy areas can help to calm the skin.

The two vaccinations cost £130 in total, and can be administered to those between the ages of one and 65. To find your nearest store offering the service and to book an appointment online, visit

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