CBeebies Launch new app to Help Infants Learn Important Life Skills

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Woman and child playing on tablet - CBeebies launch new app to help infants learn important life skills

CBeebies have launched a brand new app to get children ready for primary school.

Preparing your little ones for the huge jump to primary school can be a daunting task.

The BBC has released an exciting new parenting app, CBeebies Go Explore, to help young children learn valuable life skills with the help of their favourite characters from Go Jetters, Hey Duggee and The Furchester Hotel.

The app is set in a magical garden that encourages children to be curious and unearth its many secrets – from musical butterflies to a hidden underwater area, there’s lots for your child to discover.

Speaking about the new app, Head of Content for BBC Children, Cheryl Taylor, explains: “Parents have told us they want their children to learn soft skills that help prepare them for school and beyond.

“CBeebies Go Explore aims to help in both of these areas in a really fun way – built around children’s curiosity and zest for discovering new things.”

Go Explore Logo - CBeebies launch new app to help infants learn important life skills
Credit: BBC/CBeebies

Go Explorer draws from the skills taught on the UK’s Foundation Stage Curriculum.

It playfully introduces topics like making good health and self-care choices, as well as recognising and using shapes and exploring different habits.

The app features three games as well as a cinema which plays a range of short videos from the likes of Sing with CBeebies, Andy’s Safari Songs and Go Jetters Funky Facts.

Parents can also get involved through a den area in the app which allows them to see which games their children have been playing and which topics they’re interested in.

The app comes from the BBC’s biggest investment in children’s content and services, which was announced last year.

Jenny Chapman, Senior Product Manager at BBC, said: “We wanted to create world-class apps based on young children’s main areas of interest: playing, creativity, reading and stories and pre-school learning.”

As well as Go Explore, the BBC has also released three other apps: Cbeebies Playtime Island, Get Creative and Storytime.

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