Bugalicious Adventures

Summer is here and the time has come to get outside and get exploring with Maggie & Rose.


All children big and small are fascinated with creepy crawlies, whether it’s teeny tiny ants or wiggly worms, little explorers love them. Now that the sun is out, there is nothing more fun than a BIG BAD BUG HUNT! Get in the garden at home or take a trip to your local park and start discovering. Have fun making Maggie & Rose’s cute and simple binoculars and notebook to take on your adventure, the perfect tools when going on a bug hunt.

Once your mission is complete you’ll need to encourage little creatures to come and stay in your garden. Maggie & Rose have made a brilliant little home for bugs with their ‘Bug Hotel’ – the perfect pit stop for a summer holiday.
It’s time to put those wellies on and get exploring.


Bug Hotel
Bugs like dark, safe places where they can hide from bigger creatures in the garden that want to eat them. Rose is making a bug hotel to see if she can attract some bugs into her garden – but she won’t make the bugs pay to stay there!

You will need…
•Clean plastic drinks bottle
•Sticky tape
•Several sheets of paper
•A few straws
•Shoe box lid
•Tin foil
•Kitchen towel
•Cress seeds
•Grass seeds

How to make it…
1.Ask an adult to cut both ends of the plastic bottle.
2. If the width of your paper is greater than the length of your plastic bottle, trim each piece of paper to just under the length of the bottle.
3. Roll up each piece of paper and stick it with tape.
4. Tuck the paper tubes into the bottle.
5. Cut the straws to size and poke them into the spaces in the bottle.
6. Cover the shoebox lid in tin foil to make it waterproof then fill it with soil.
7. Nestle the bug hotel into the soil.
8. Cover the hotel with a few layers of damp kitchen towel and sprinkle it with cress seeds.
9. Sprinkle the soil with grass seeds and decorate the rest of the tray with twigs and leaves from your garden.

Going on a Bug Hunt
Plants aren’t the only important things in the garden, bugs are super important too! Thay can also help stuff grow so the gang are going on a bug hunt to see how many they can see. They won’t touch them, though, as some are not as nice as they look.

Bug Binoculars

You will need…
•Two toilet rolls
•Sticky tape

How to make it…
1. Wrap some sticky tape around the two toilet rolls to hold them together
2. At one end, ask a grown-up to make a hole on either side.
3. Measure out enough string to be able to hang the binoculars loosely around your neck. Thread the string through the holes in your binoculars and tie the ends in a knot to secure it.

Bug Hunter’s Notebook

You will need…
•A4 Tracing paper
•Magnifying Glass

How to make it…
1. Cut your tracing paper into four pieces.
2. Stack your pieces in a pile and punch a hole in the top corner. Fasten the pieces together with string.

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