Review: Bugaboo Runner

Greg Rutherford and partner Susie Verrill review the Bugaboo Runner to see if it’s up to speed

Bugaboo Runner

Now Milo is nine months old and already the size of a small yacht, carrying him in a sling on walks in the woods is doable, but it’s not particularly enjoyable and quite often we play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’ll be doing the arduous task. Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the backbreaking tunnel, in the form of the wonderful Bugaboo Runner.

The Low-Down

The Runner is an easy-to-fit extension which works with all variations of the Bugaboo family (Cameleon, Buffalo etc.) and takes your pram from ordinary chassis to one which can battle all manner of terrains. With two large wheels on the back, a smaller one to the front and a basket underneath for all your essentials, this attachment provides active parents with a stroller that allows baby to join in with the fun. The seat direction is adjustable, so baby can watch you stay fit or face forward and watch the world go by at a pace – there’s a brake on the handlebar in case things get too speedy!

Good Looking

Very much so. Despite trekking into the woods with ours, it remained relatively mud free (a mug guard is included) and the sleek, streamlined frame will no doubt make it popular with any parent.


The suspension on the Runner was fantastic. It was bouncy across the tree roots and over sand dunes without throwing Milo all over the place, and there were no concerns he wasn’t comfortable or safe. The wheels slid through the mud with ease; our only suggestion would be a swivel option, as turning could be tricky.


Milo loved lounging back in the seat and watching our dogs run alongside him. If the weather had taken a turn for the worse, the cover was ready and waiting to be pulled over, and the ride itself appeared to be smooth.

The Verdict

As parents who love the outdoors and who both want and need exercise on a daily basis, this is the perfect way to keep Milo involved. The Bugaboo Runner offers your little one the chance to be outdoors and will work wherever you fancy going for a jog.