Breastfeeding: Medela’s Soothing Saviours

Untitled-1If you experience tenderness, pain or discomfort due to dry or sore nipples during breastfeeding, look no further…

Every breastfeeding journey is different and no two experiences are the same. Although essentially all that is needed for breastfeeding is mother and baby, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to, especially in the early days when establishing feeding for the first time.

A Mother’s milk has its own anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and just expressing a little milk onto the nipple after each feed will help keep the nipple in top tip condition.

However, a common problem suffered by many mums whilst breastfeeding is experiencing tenderness, pain or discomfort due to dry or sore nipples. Made from 100% pure lanolin, otherwise known as wool wax, Medela’s moisturising PureLan cream has been designed to gently soothe and rehydrate the skin, ensuring mums can continue to breastfeed comfortably. PureLan contains no artificial additives or preservatives so is completely safe for little ones and can conveniently be left on while feeding.


Medela’s Lactation Consultant’s Top Tips

Tip 1: If your nipples start to feel tender make sure your baby is latched on well with a big, wide mouth so that the nipple is positioned correctly in your baby’s mouth. If you are not sure contact your midwife or breastfeeding support group.

Tip 2: In the early days while establishing your baby’s latch, alongside a little expressed milk, use PureLan before and after every feed to moisturise your nipples as they get used to feeding.

Tip 3: If you are experiencing milk leakage – make sure you are changing your bra pads with every feed, as they collect milk and bacteria thrives in damp warm conditions leading to sore nipples.

Tip 4: If you have a crack that won’t heal, continue applying PureLan after each feed as it supports moist wound healing. If the problem continues, seek advice from your breastfeeding adviser and GP for, although rarely, a persistent cracked nipple can indicate an underlying problem.

Tip 5: Once you have finished breastfeeding you can use PureLan on your baby’s skin as it contains no chemicals! In fact, Channel 4’s Kirstie Allsopp is a big fan of PureLan and famously uses it as lip balm – saying it works wonders on her chapped skin!

RRP: PureLan 7g tube £4.99 Stockists: Amazon, Mothercare


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