5 Essential Tips for Breastfeeding in Summer

Breastfeeding mum and baby
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As we mark World Breastfeeding Week (1 – 7 August) midwife Pip Morrish (@midwife_pip) shares her five top tips for breastfeeding in summer.

To mark World Breastfeeding Week, taking place between the 1st and 7th of August this year, baby and nursery retailer, Kiddies Kingdom spoke to midwife Pip Morrish to get some expert insight on breastfeeding in summer.

“Breastfeeding works best when mum and baby are as relaxed as possible, so it is no surprise it can become more difficult when out in the hot weather,” adds Jumaimah Hussain, Parenting Expert at Kiddies Kingdom.

“The summer months are perfect for creating lovely memories with your baby, whether at home or on holiday, so make sure you do a little extra planning before heading out to make sure everyone has a great time.”

Here are a selection of top tips for how to make breastfeeding more comfortable during the warmer weather.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Wear light, floaty clothing which has easy breast access! Avoid any items that are thick or clingy and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Nursing access tops or bras also save a lot of hassle when trying to get access to your breast which can often work up a frustrating sweat!

Seek Out Shade

Shade will be your new best friend when breastfeeding in summer. It is important to ensure your little one is not overheating in the warm weather, so avoid trying to feed in the heat as this will do neither you nor your baby any good.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is so important, especially when it comes to breastfeeding in summer. Your baby may feed more often in warmer weather to meet their hydration needs, so you need to make sure you are hydrated enough to match both of your demands. Never stray far from your water bottle!

Keep Yourself Cool

Try carrying a handheld fan, a spray water bottle or add ice to your drinks to keep you more comfortable. A paddling pool or bucket of cool water to dip your feet into is also a great addition, plus the summer breastfeeding months are a great excuse for an ice lolly too!

Keep Your Baby Cool

Make sure to keep your little one cool. Temperature regulation for new babies is important to reduce the risk of SIDS. Make sure to keep your baby shaded, dress them in light clothing and make regular checks on their temperature to make sure they aren’t overheating.

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