Brand of the Month: Beaba

Beaba 3pcs Meal Set

Many parents don’t know where to start with weaning, but there is lots of information and advice available. Beaba is a weaning-specialist brand, here to help parents every step of the way on the journey.

The world of weaning is an exciting but also daunting one for new parents. Introducing your little ones to solid food is a whole new experience for babies and parents like!

With years of experience, Beaba’s website and social media is packed full of tips and advice, plus food ideas and recipes by age and stage. In addition, Beaba has an award-winning range of innovative and stylish products to make the weaning process easier, including the award-winning Babycook range.

Peach, Pineapple and Avocado Puree

Where to start:

NHS guidelines recommend that weaning starts from six months or once your little one can sit up unaided with steady head control.

Regularly working with leading experts, Beaba has some top tips to help:

  1. Allow your baby to become familiar with the highchair before they start weaning by popping them in it with some toys or baby spoons and bowls just to play with.
  2. Start by introducing vegetables first (either as a puree mixed with baby’s normal milk and then alone, or as finger foods or both), before moving onto other foods.
  3. When you introduce potential allergenic foods such as cow’s milk, egg, soya, nut butters or fish, do so one food at a time and in a really small amount to begin with.
  4. Aim for your baby to be eating 3 meals a day by the time they are around 7 months old.
  5. Don’t give your baby whole grapes or nuts, popcorn or small pieces of hard, uncooked fruit and veg such as carrots and apples – as these are a choking risk. Babies under the age of 12 months also shouldn’t be given honey or anything with added sugar or salt.
  6. Offer a small amount of tap water (cool-boiled if under 6 month) served in a cup suitable for a baby with every meal to teach your baby how to drink.
  7. Try to relax and enjoy it!

What will you need?

The Beaba website has lots of information on the recommended weaning equipment basics, but you can easily start with a highchair and bib, plus a bowl and spoon if you plan to make purees.

Beaba Babycook Neo Weaning Bundle

Beaba is well-known for its award-winning Babycook, the first Baby Food Steamer Blender. It is designed to take all the hassle out of preparing food as it steams, blends, defrosts and reheats for you.  Beaba also has the eco-friendly Babycook Neo, made with glass and stainless steel.  Plus they’ve recently launched the Babycook Solo Express, which is not only super speedy but eco-friendly too, click here to see it in action!

If you wanted to get kitted out before you kick-off, Beaba also offers lots of weaning ‘bundles’ you can purchase, complete with bowls, cutlery, bibs and storage, to suit various budgets. So have fun and enjoy this new stage of parenting!

3pcs Silicone Meal Set & Bibs Bundle

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April Brand of the Month: Angel Care

For 25-years, leading parenting brand Angelcare has been at the forefront of parents’ minds, setting the standard in the world’s best baby items.

With a mission to give parents confidence to take a deep breath, relax, and savour every moment of their new life, Angelcare provides innovative, award-winning products and peace-of-mind for the modern-day family.

Well known for its much-loved bath supports and seats, best-in-class monitors and pioneering nappy disposal system, Angelcare knows that it’s the everyday ‘magic moments’, such as bath times and bedtimes, where cherished memories are made, which can last a lifetime.

New 2in1 Bath Tub

brand-of-the-month-angelcareShop now

Designed to aid a stress-free, hands-free bath time, parents can relax knowing baby is safe and comfortable, as they simply savour the moment, enjoying bonding and play time with their little one with Angelcare’s New 2-in-1 bathtub.  

This is bathtub like no other. The unique evolutive design safely supports both new-borns and infants. Cradling smaller babies from 0 to 6-months in a gentle reclined position, the inside of the tub includes Angelcare’s exclusive soft-touch, non-slip material, which, for ultimate comfort, warms quickly so baby doesn’t touch a cold surface.

Then once baby can sit up independently, (from 6-12-months) it offers a safe and comfortable upright support for added peace-of-mind and safety as they grow. Additionally, during a time when parents are mindful of keeping energy and utility costs down, it will also save on water-use, as it uses only a small amount of water to fill it up.

Happy Seat Bath & Room Thermometer


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It can be difficult to judge, buy touch alone, whether the water is too hot or too cold for a newborn’s delicate skin. Angelcare’s dual-purpose Happy Seal Baby Bath & Room Thermometer offers added peace of mind that your little one is bathing or sleeping at the right temperature.

Easily activated with a gentle shake, this adorable Happy Seal shows an accurate reading of the temperature of your baby’s bath water or nursery. The easy-to-see digital display also includes high and low temperature indicators, high temperature alerts, as well as a battery power saving mode.

Nappy Disposal System


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And we all know that not every new baby smell is sweet and wonderful – like the kind that comes with a full nappy. This nappy bin with its multi-layer OdorSeal barrier bag, with antibacterial technology, locks away baby odours we don’t want lingering around the home.

It’s so simple to use, with no difficult twisting, just push the nappy through the clamp so you can always have one hand free for baby.  Once locked away, all nappies are safely contained and you won’t have to touch or smell them ever again!

Pabobo by Angelcare Aqua Dream Whale Highlight Projectorbrand-of-the-month-angelcare

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Angelcare also has the most amazing range of nightlights too! The Pabobo by Angelcare Aqua Dream Whale Nightlight Projector  is a super cute and friendly night-time friend that can project stunning visual aquatic effects and sounds to soothe children to sleep peacefully.

The captivating underwater projections, which are propelled on to walls or the ceiling, are animated with waves and moving fish to create wonderment and joy. With three light intensities, you can choose how bright the room will light, whilst soft lullaby music, a marine melody or white noise sounds (waves, rain or intrauterine heartbeats) will soothe little one to sleep.

Completely cordless and battery-operated, this soft, plush whale projector is great friend to cuddle and can be used anywhere. Easy to clean, by removing the ‘projector’ element, the soft material can be washed, it also features an automatic switch off after 25-minutes, or 15-minutes of music if activated.

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November Brand of the Month: G.H Hurt & Son

G.H.Hurt & Son, a knitted lace manufacturer, based in Nottingham, England, has been making luxurious ladies lace knitwear and beautiful baby shawls since 1912.

G.H.Hurt & Son is family-run business over one hundred years, and their baby shawls and blankets in the collection range from the traditional knitted lace patterns to colourful and innovative designs, making it the perfect addition to any nursery.

They have even become connected to the British Royal Family, with several members of the Royal Family being wrapped in their shawls, from King Charles III as a newborn baby in 1948 and Prince William in 1982 to more recently Prince George in 2013.

Keeping babies warm and cosy is what they do best. Discover their top products below.

Our Favourite Products From G.H.Hurt & Son

Super-fine Merino Wool Christening Shawl, £75

baby-blanketMade with super-fine 100% merino wool, knitted in ivory white. Ideal as an elegant Christening shawl or special occasion blanket. Size: 124 x 114cm.

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Nottingham Lace Knitted Baby Shawl, £85

baby-blanketMade with the finest, ivory white, merino wool. Inspired by their Handframe lace knitting heritage. Size: 120 x 110cm.

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The Royal Crown Baby Shawl, £105

baby-blanketKnitted using the highest quality merino wool in ivory white. The lace design features a crown inspired by the St Edwards Crown. Size: 100 x 96xm.

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Elegant Soft Wool Baby Shawl, £92

baby-blanketA beautifully soft, 100% pure wool in a luxurious ivory white and hand-finished with a scalloped edge. Ideal for Christenings and special occasions. Size: 124 x 116 cm.

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History of G.H.Hurt & Son

The company began with George Henry Hurt at their factory in Chilwell, Nottingham. Still in their original buildings – an old seed warehouse – this was the perfect space to house handframe knitting machines and their artisan knitters. Soon after opening, George Hurt invited his son to work alongside him, beginning the long tradition of a family firm.

The current Director, Gillian, is the fourth generation involved in the family business. Gillian took the company online, with a webshop, making their designs available to a global audience, enabling new customers around the world to access these timeless pieces for the next generation of babies.

Super-fine Merino Wool Christening Shawl

The tradition of the beautiful, fine lace knitting from these machines has been an influence in many of their current designs to the present day.

Each shawl is made with care at the Shawl Factory in Chilwell, Nottingham. By using artisan techniques and hand-finishing processes, each shawl is made with a personal touch.

With a stunning collection of baby shawls that have been made using intricate designs and the finest yarns, and finished with signature scalloped edging, they make a timeless keepsake that can be cherished for generations.

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October Brand of the Month

Concerned about the amount of waste created when using disposable nappies? Reusable Nappies are a sustainable alternative!

Also known as washable nappies, cloth nappies or real nappies, reusable nappies have developed significantly in the past decade and are a popular choice for many parents.

Sign up for a 15% discount

Hampshire County Council recognises that the initial cost of reusable nappies can be a barrier for some families. This is why we have partnered with a number of suppliers to secure Hampshire residents a 15% discount on reusable nappy products.

In partnership with Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, we are pleased to offer this discount to all Hampshire residents, including those living in Southampton and Portsmouth.

To qualify for the offer, residents need to register their postcode online. The discount code can be redeemed with any participating supplier and provides 15% off the full retail price. Some retailers may offer additional discount, at their discretion, for nappy kits and other related products.

reusable-nappiesTry before you buy

Unsure about reusable nappies? Contact your local Nappy Library to ‘try before you buy’ and gain advice and support on using them.

Find out more and buy here: Reusable nappies | Hampshire County Council (

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