How to Get Baby’s Bottle Ready in Seconds


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If you are bottle feeding your baby, you’ll know how long it takes to get the bottle ready. Especially during those nighttime feeds, it can feel like forever. Do you ever wish you could warm the bottle faster, feed baby and get back to bed a little bit quicker?

Luckily, there’s something to help, whether you’re breastfeeding or feeding with formula from the bottle. The Danish invention milkymeter®, measures the temperature of the milk while the bottle warms in the microwave. It signals with a bright green flashing light when the milk has reached body temperature and you should stop the microwave. All you then have to do is to shake or stir the milk and the bottle is ready to serve.

According to trained nurse, midwife and baby expert Katie Hilton, the milkymeter will revolutionise the way we bottle feed. Many parents already choose to warm the bottle in the microwave, which poses the risk of overheating. With milkymeter® you are able to stop the microwave at the right time and get the milk temperature just right. It also helps to avoid overheating and dangerous hotspots. Consequently, the bottle is ready within seconds and you can feed baby with confidence and quickly go back to sleep.

Katie strongly recommends this Danish way of parenting as a particularly good hack for the night feeds, as the controlled warming will make a world of difference for tired parents.

milkymeter-product-bottle-feeding-your-babyIs heating baby milk in the microwave safe?

In the microwave, the bottle gets warm really quickly and if you are not careful, you may overheat the bottle and risk burning your baby. This is why the Danish company Senserna invented milkymeter.

When using milkymeter, you know when to stop the heating process so overheating and dangerous hotspots do not have time to develop. This means you can heat the bottle safely in the microwave and feed baby in seconds. This also helps to reduce the risk of burns from hot milk and preserves the nutrients in both breast milk and formula when heated.

milkymeter-bottle-feeding-babyPeace of mind for all

Milkymeter makes life easier for parents, grandparents and babysitters at feeding time, as you can warm the bottle quickly, with confidence. It also has the advantage of not taking up additional space on your kitchen counter as it is small and easy to bring when out and about, meaning you can warm baby’s bottle in seconds wherever you are.

Milkymeter is available to buy from or Amazon. For more information, visit

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